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Corridor MPO Title VI Notice
It is the policy of the Corridor MPO to fully comply with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

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Travel Demand Modeling

The Corridor MPO Travel Demand Model is a tool used by the Corridor MPO to forecast travel patterns in the MPO planning area. The primary purpose of the model is to support the development of the MPO’s LRTP. However, the model can also be utilized by member jurisdictions to determine the effects of future scenarios on traffic volumes. Example scenarios might include reduced speed limit, construction of an additional travel lane or new roadway, road diets, or land use changes. Currently, the model only projects for the horizon year of 2045 and provides estimates for in-between years.

The Travel Demand Model utilizes a traditional four-step modeling process, which includes four phases: trip generation, trip distribution, mode split, and trip assignment. This process addresses all person trips, including trips made using transit and non-motorized modes (walk and bicycle). The model includes AM and PM peak periods and an off peak period, which are combined to produce total daily traffic volumes. Post processing tools produce useful information such as a summary report, adjusted model volumes, and intersection turn movement estimates.

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