Metropolitan Planning Organization

Corridor MPO Policy Board

The Policy Board is comprised of 18 appointed members and is the top-level policy making body for the Corridor MPO. They are tasked with:

  • Preparing appropriate studies and plans required to meet current and long-term community needs.
  • Approving all core planning documents.
  • Communicating and delivering plans to member jurisdictions.
  • Facilitating effective and harmonious planning of the region served by the MPO.
  • Preparing annual work plans and budgets to comply with federal and state agency requirements.

Meets the 3rd Thursday of January, March, May, June, and October at 1:30 pm.

Location: Please check agenda packet as the location rotates between the City Halls of member jurisdictions, and the Linn County Public Service Center. The agenda packet is posted 24 hours before the meeting.

**All Board and Committee meetings are open to the public and can be viewed live on our Facebook page.

Member  Jurisdiction Email  Phone  
 Councilperson Scott Olson, Chair  Cedar Rapids  (319) 360-5295 
 Mayor Chuck Hinz, Vice Chair    Robins  (319) 393-0588  
 Mayor Bradley Hart  Cedar Rapids  (319) 286-5051
 Councilperson Ashley Vanorny  Cedar Rapids  (319) 775-7928
 Councilperson Scott Overland  Cedar Rapids  (319) 899-6709
 City Manager Jeff Pomeranz  Cedar Rapids  (319) 286-5080
 Sandi Fowler  Cedar Rapids  (319) 286-5080
 Jen Winter  Cedar Rapids  (319) 286-5802
 Ken DeKeyser  Cedar Rapids  (319) 286-5780
 Roy Hesemann  Cedar Rapids  (319) 286-5972
 Adam Thompson  Ely  (319) 848-4103
 Mayor Bernie Frieden  Fairfax  (319) 846-2204
 Mayor Bill Bennett  Hiawatha  (319) 360-1986
 Brent Oleson  Linn County  (319) 892-5105
 Councilperson Grant Harper  Marion  (319) 389-3385
 Councilperson Randy Strnad  Marion  (319) 377-3276
 Lon Pluckhahn  Marion  (319) 743-6301
 Eric Van Kerckhove  Palo
 (319) 851-2731
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