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Feasibility Study for a Dual-Use Intergenerational Facility and Sports Center Complex

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Dual Use Facility Feasibility Study

The City is gathering information for a feasibility study for a potential dual-use intergenerational center and sports complex in Cedar Rapids. The project is one of the action steps identified as part of the Age-Friendly Action Plan adopted in 2022 and is anticipated to be complete by December.  

Over 2,700 responses to the Dual Use Facility Feasibility survey that was open April 17 through June 6, 2023 were received. The document linked below shows all of the survey questions and community responses:
Community Survey Results

July 12, 2023 Development Committee Presentation

Sept. 12 Steering Committee Presentation

June 27 Steering Committee Presentation

March 28 Steering Committee Presentation

Feb. 28 Steering Committee presentation

Contact Tony Ireland@cedar-rapids.org or 319-286-5734 with questions about the study.

Project Timeline (2023)

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Dual Use Facility Frequently Asked Questions

What or why is this project happening? 

  • The City is working with CSL International to conduct a feasibility study for a dual-use intergenerational center and sports facility in Cedar Rapids. The project is one of the action steps identified as part of the Age-Friendly Action Plan adopted in 2022, to bring together residents of all ages and abilities for healthy activities and social connectedness. The study is anticipated to be completed by November 2023. 

What is a feasibility study? 

  • A feasibility study is not a “final” decision or definitive indication that this project will It is a study of the community and market to see if something like this would be possible and/or make sense in Cedar Rapids based on many factors that will be studied. Public outreach is a major component of the study and close to 2,800 survey responses were received from a wide range of ages. 

Who is paying for this?/Where will it be built/What amenities will it include? 

  • Based on feedback and market analysis these questions are answered in the study.

What is the timeline for this? 

  • Data was compiled with the survey results, market study and City priorities in the study. The final Executive Summary is being composed, and the results will be presented to City Council on November 21st, 2023. The study did find that this type of facility is feasible in Cedar Rapids. Next, the City will be searching for private and public funding opportunities, and if acquired, the building process will start in 5 to -10 years.

How will older adults be catered to in a multi-generational center with sport tournaments? 

  • First, the building must be well designed and accessible. The entryway and parking must be designed so older adults won’t have to walk through sports events, or fight for parking to access the community center. 
  • Programming will help with parking issues; most sports tournaments happen on weekends, so weekday programming can incorporate older adults and community members. 
  • Based on survey results, older adults want the amenities this type of facility could offer, including a walking track, swimming, and community center space.  


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