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Micromobility Program   -   April 1st - October 31st

       Each year Veo devices are distributed into the community on April 1st and removed for the winter season on October 31st.  Smart transportation is easy to use — locate a bike or scooter on the Veo App, scan to unlock, and you’re on your way in seconds!  The scooters are available in stand-up or sit-down options, and are electric-powered. Bikes currently available are standard push pedal and non-electric. These devices are for those 18+ and you must provide a valid ID to ride. Remember to walk your wheels — devices are not allowed on sidewalks in the downtown and nearby districts.

Why Micromobility?

Veo devices offer a great way to commute, run errands or just ride for the fun of it! Using these devices in lieu of a motorized vehicle can reduce parking and traffic congestion, reduce traffic noise as well as harmful emissions. Veo asked users to complete a survey and 20% of the respondents didn’t have access to a car, this program can provide reliable transportation to the community.

Using Veo Micromobility Devices
Note: Users must be 18 years or older to ride with Veo

  1. Download the Veo app- to access search for "Veo" in your phone's app store.  Or a QR code can be found on each device between the handlebars.
  2. Create an account using your phone number and submit a picture of your ID to prove you’re over 18.
  3. The app requires you to review scooter safety procedures.  After that you can use the app to locate vehicles, unlock them and ride.

  4. To end- click "end ride" on the app then take an end of ride photo of your properly parked bike or scooter. The fare ends once your photo is submitted. You can pay for your ride in the app. Park your vehicle in the "sidewalk furniture zone," or on the grass between the curb and sidewalk.

How to Ride

Make sure you understand where the brakes and throttle are. The brakes are located on the front of the handlebars. The throttle is located inside of the right handlebar. Keep one foot on the ground and grip the handlebars with both hands, use your other foot to push the vehicle forward then press the throttle gently. And you’re off!

brake - throttlePush off

  • Standard bikes: $1 to unlock, 5 cents per minute of use5
  • Stand-up scooters: $1 to unlock, 32 cents per minute of use
  • Seated scooters: $1 to unlock, 35 cents per minute of use

Veo Access Fare Discounts
Individuals who participate in any local, state, or federal assistance program qualify for Veo Access, a program designed to provide an affordable mobility service. Veo Access riders receive a $10 ride credit when they sign up and do not pay the $1 unlock fee on any future rides. 
Click below to apply:


Report an Issue

Veo is responsible for maintaining the fleet of devices. Veo staff return devices to their stations and perform routine maintenance. Lost or damaged devices will be recovered, repaired, or replaced. If you experience any issues with Veo devices parked improperly, please contact:
Veo’s customer service
 or Call: 855-836-2256
 or Email: 


  1. Park responsibly: Improperly parked vehicles can create challenges for people with visual impairments, can block people in wheelchairs, and make passing difficult for single  parents with strollers and delivery drivers. Do not block cross walks, driveways, bike lanes, vehicle travel lanes, loading zones, door ways – leave at least 5 feet of clearance on the sidewalk.
  2. Lucky Zones -To encourage organized vehicle parking, Veo also offers “Lucky Zones” in several areas through out the city. Lucky Zones provide users $0.50–$1 in ride credit for parking in preferred parking areas. The zones are highlighted with "$" icons on the map in the Veo app.
  3. Citations - Vehicles found parked incorrectly, such as blocking ADA access points, or obstructing thoroughfares will receive a warning or citation. If a rider’s last end of ride photo confirms incorrect parking the rider will receive a message with details of how they parked incorrectly. Riders would then receive one more warning, followed by a $5 and $10 fine if continue to park incorrectly. The 4th violation will result in a temporary suspension of their account until the rider passes a mandatory quiz on proper parking.

wheelchair  - Copy

free float2nd app parking

Where to Find Bikes or Scooters
Use the mobile app to find the nearest bike or scooter. You can also find bike rack stations throughout the following districts:

  • Downtown, New Bohemia, Czech Village, Kingston Village, MedQuarter

No Bikes/Scooters on Sidewalks 20240509_141328 - Copy - Copy
In the downtown and surrounding districts: bikes, scooters/sit-down scooters, and skateboards are not  permitted to ride on sidewalks.  Please walk your wheels in these areas for the safety of pedestrians, or enjoy riding in a bike lane. Sidewalk decals and street signage have been installed in areas where riding on the sidewalk is not permitted.    

Practice Safety: Walk Your Wheels on sidewalks

Video Credit: Iowa BIG

New in 2024 -
VeoPlus Monthly MembershipVeo Logo

     Benefits of VeoPlus
  • $0.00 unlock fees for unlimited rides (no cap on the number of rides/ customer)                             
  • Applicable to all vehicle types
  • Once purchased, can be used in any Veo market
      VeoPlus Pricing
  • $6.99/month + tax
  • Valid for 30 days from purchase
  • Customers can cancel the plan directly on the Veo App, however will not be refunded if that cancel date is after the next month starts
Parking Hubs
  • Data shows that when parking locations are in the street, people are less likely to ride on sidewalks. 
  • The City worked with Veo to find the first six new parking hubs locations.

Safety Tips
Follow LawHeadgeargo with flow
stay alertteach the reachuse hand signals
Not safe for twono 36walk wheels

Annual Reports
2023 Report
2022 Report

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