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The Municipal Code is a collection of laws and regulations grouped together (or "codified") according to the activities they regulate (traffic, fire prevention, etc.). This collection forms the city's overall legal code. The Municipal Code can be viewed, searched and downloaded at the link below, which also includes a listing of amendments since the most recent biannual codification. Please note that Chapter 32, the Zoning Ordinance, is hosted and updated separately at http://cityofcr.com/zoning.


The current listing of chapters is as follows; to search and view the code, please click the link above.

Chapter 1

General Provisions

Chapter 2

City and Precinct Boundaries

Chapter 3

The Giving and Reporting of Gifts

Chapter 4

Mayor and City Council

Chapter 5

City Officers

Chapter 6

City Administration

Chapter 7

Police Department

Chapter 8

Fire Department

Chapter 9

Streets, Alleys and Sidewalks

Chapter 10

Parks and Public Places

Chapter 11

Municipal Golf Courses

Chapter 12

Water Service

Chapter 13

Wastewater Facilities

Chapter 14

Cable Communications Regulatory Ordinance

Chapter 14A

ImOn Communications, LLC Cable Communications Regulatory Ordinance

Chapter 15

Tax Exemptions

Chapter 15A

Speculative Shell Buildings

Chapter 16


Chapter 17

17th Street NE Urban Revitalization Area

Chapter 17A

Revitalization Areas

Chapter 18

Historic Preservation

Chapter 19

Swimming Pools and Spas

Chapter 20

Food Service Sanitation

Chapter 21

Health Regulations

Chapter 22


Chapter 22A

Nuisance Properties

Chapter 23

Cats, Dogs and Other Animals

Chapter 23A

Urban Chickens

Chapter 24

Solid Waste and Recycling

Chapter 24A

Residential Curbside Recycling

Chapter 24B

Corrugated Cardboard Recycling

Chapter 25

Junk Vehicles

Chapter 26

Air Pollution

Chapter 27


Chapter 28

Downtown Self-Supported Municipal Improvement District

Chapter 28A

Medical Self-Supported Municipal Improvement District

Chapter 28B

Czech Village-New Bohemia Self-Supported Municipal Improvement District

Chapter 29

Housing Code

Chapter 30

Explosives and Blasting Agents

Chapter 31


Chapter 32

Zoning (hosted and updated separately at http://cityofcr.com/zoning)

Chapter 32B

Floodplain Management

Chapter 32D

Communications Towers

Chapter 33

Building Code

Chapter 33A

Moving or Demolition of Buildings; Use of Streets

Chapter 33C


Chapter 33D

Street Addresses

Chapter 33E

Sign Code

Chapter 33F

Driveways, Parking Lots, Loading and Storage Areas

Chapter 34

Electrical Code

Chapter 35

Plumbing Code

Chapter 36

Mechanical Code

Chapter 37

Fire Code

Chapter 38

Gas Regulations

Chapter 39A

Airport Zoning Regulations

Chapter 41


Chapter 42

Pushcarts, Peddlers, Solicitors and Transient Merchants

Chapter 42A

Mobile Food Vendors

Chapter 43


Chapter 44


Chapter 45

Closing Out Sales

Chapter 46

Bill Posters and Distributors

Chapter 47

Public Market

Chapter 48

After Hours Business License

Chapter 50

Hotel and Motel Tax

Chapter 51

Alcoholic Liquors and Beer

Chapter 52


Chapter 52A

Tow Truck and Wrecker Code

Chapter 52B


Chapter 53

Bicycle Regulations

Chapter 54


Chapter 55

Boat and Other River Regulations

Chapter 56

Motor Vehicle Noise and Noise Limits From Certain Sound Sources

Chapter 57

Drug Paraphernalia

Chapter 58

Hazardous Substances

Chapter 59

Massage Therapy Business License

Chapter 60

Burglar and Holdup Alarm Business, Systems and Users

Chapter 60A

Surveillance Cameras for Businesses

Chapter 61

Traffic Regulations

Chapter 62

Offenses Against Public Peace and Morals

Chapter 63

Offenses Against Public Safety

Chapter 64

Offenses Against Property

Chapter 65

Manufactured/Mobile Home and Manufactured/Mobile Home Park Code

Chapter 66

Helicopter Landing Areas

Chapter 67

Ambulance Services

Chapter 68

The Eastern Iowa Airport

Chapter 69

Civil Rights Commission

Chapter 70

Motor Carrier Safety Regulations

Chapter 71

Erosion and Sediment Control for Construction Sites

Chapter 72

Stormwater Management

Appendix A

Interstate Power and Light Company Franchise

Appendix B

ITC Midwest LLC Franchise

Appendix C

MidAmerican Energy Company Franchise

Appendix D

Linn County Rural Electric Cooperative Association Franchise

Appendix E

The Willowbrook-Georgia-Woodview Northeast Water and Sewer Extension Area and an Extension Fee for Water Mains and Sanitary Sewers

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