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Customer Compliment - Successful Cat Adoption:
Just wanted to pass this along. I have a member of my team at work that has been looking to help her nephew adopt a cat. Last Saturday they went to several places to search out the perfect cat for him. She is on vacation for the next 2 weeks, but couldn’t wait to call me early Monday morning to let me know how impressed she was with CRACC. She said it was the best experience she has ever had as far as adopting a cat goes. She said even though it was very busy at the shelter last Saturday, she couldn’t believe how patient, and helpful everyone was with them. She said it didn’t smell like a shelter in there and she couldn’t believe how clean all the cat cages were. They were very impressed with how well all of the cats looked, all nice and healthy. This was a very positive experience for her and her nephew!!! When she gets back from vacation, I know she will be going back to CRACC to adopt 1 or 2 for herself. She said she will certainly pass the word to her friends about her awesome experience with CRACC. Way to go CRACC! My compliments to all who volunteer and for those who work there! You have made a lasting impression on one little boy and his aunt!

Just a quick follow up on Bub. He has been renamed, his new name is Ludo (I call him big Louie). He is already adjusted to our home and is quickly responding to his new name. He is a fantastic addition to our family and we love him dearly. I have attached a photo from our hiking trip up to Backbone State Park. Thanks again! ~Christian M Clarke

Chica and Winston:
We have been searching for a cat for a couple of months. We went to the shelter and saw Winston. He was very shy and didn't really come up to us at first. He was also very quiet. A month or so went by, and I found out he was still there. That was when I knew he was meant to be mine. He is a very amazing cat. He is smart, opening doors and finding new places to explore on a daily basis. He makes so many noises (such as coo's, whining and happy meows) to tell us how he is feeling, and is always willing to show some love. He found his way into our hearts within the first day, and hasn't lost track. He loves being able to roam about, and when he finds a closed door he meows till we open it - even when we are just in the bathroom. Every night he finds his place at the top on my pillow. He has plenty of love to share and gives it out willingly. I am very glad and honored to be giving this amazingly smart cat his forever home! It was love at first sight! Well, how we stumbled upon Chica was very odd. We went to the shelter to adopt our Winston, and the nice officer told us we could have two for the price of 1! We chose Chica because, like Winston, she wasn’t as eager for attention. She seemed sad, so naturally I wanted to make her the happiest cat ever! And that I did! It took her awhile to warm up to me, but when she did she went everywhere with me. She loves having her belly rubbed and is very cute. She still sounds like a kitten even though she is over a year old. Chica looks like a cute stuffed animal in all her pictures too! She is very curious and gets into things and places she shouldn’t, but that’s alright because we know she is still trying to get used to us. She really enjoys going out on the balcony and basking in the sun with us. Every night she finds her spot on our bed right next to me, or on the top of my pillow. We have come to love her very much and we are very happy to be her forever home! ~Amber Smith

Eli has settled right in. He is doing very well! He thinks he's a little lap dog. Here is a couple of pictures. I think he is a red tick pit bull mix. I was looking at some photos of red tick coonhounds and I see a lot of resemblance. ~Amanda

Hollie and Easter:
I just wanted to thank you for posting these adorable little kitties. I had been looking for a beautiful white deaf kitten since my cat, Casper, of 14 years passed away. And we were blessed enough to get two! We did rename the kitties. Nix is snow in Latin, so Easter is now Nixie and the pretty little princess (Hollie) is now Pixie. I had both vet checked once we got home and both were neg. for feline leukemia. Their incisions have both healed nicely. I must say, Nixie has quite the little personality on her....her sister is more the little lady who wants to be a lap cat. Nixie, however, causes all the trouble. I have included a couple of pictures of the girls with their new pink collars for you to see. Also, your volunteer that helped us was great. Again, thank you for the newest members to our family. They have already brought us a lot of joy and entertainment. ~Brenwyn Peddycoart

I am the lucky one that adopted "Wheatie" from you in September. He is the little red stray dachshund. We just wanted to give you a quick update. Max is his new name. He and Rudy (our old dachshund) have become inseparable and are the best of friends. Max is very protective of Rudy, who at 16 is pretty healthy but does have seizures. I can't imagine who would have ever let this little guy go or why they wouldn't have looked for him, but their loss was most certainly my gain. I don't work, so I get to stay home with my boys every day. In fact, they are so inseparable that everyone here refers to them as the "book-ends"! Anyway, since you were so nice to hold him for me while I drove over from Des Moines, I wanted you to know how happy and well adjusted he is and how well it has worked out for all of us. Thank you again! ~Stephenson's

Zoey and I are very, very happy. I couldn't have put in a "special order" for as better, more well behaved dog. She's an "Angel." Hardly ever barks, loves the back yard, doesn't mind the cold, although I do after 15 minutes, loves to curl up on my bed, or on the sofa. I put a sheet on the sofa just for her. She gets along very well with my Bechon, wants to play, but "Shadow" hasn't figured out that concept yet. I am very happy with Zoey and I think she's happy too, That big tail hardly ever stops wagging. It's only been a week, but I think it's fare to say that she's spoiled rotten already. She hears the garage door open and stands by my picture window and watches me leave. My picture window is low, only about two feet off the floor, so she enjoys looking out at the birds and squirrels. Don't know what else to say about her, but whatever good things you can think about a dog, That's "Zoey." Thank you so much, for everything, Zoey thanks you too for bringing her my way! ~Julia Herboldsheimer

Bullitt (aka Survivor):
Bullitt (aka Survivor) is doing just fine. He is still skittish with noises in the house but is getting used to his environment. We have figured out a name. It was quite a struggle. We had 3 good names but seeing as we are Mustang owners and watch movies (i.e. Smokey and the Bandit) we kind of followed that line of thought and named him from an old Steve McQueen movie, Bullitt, and he is every bit of that. He is tearing around the house to burn off that extra kitten energy. We still keep him separate when we are out of the house so he integrates well with Smokey and Bandit. Right now he is getting along just fine with Smokey; actually Smokey was more timid. Bandit on the other hand, has been good with Bullitt but still is the boss and we watch him a little closer. All has been good. Bullitt is actually demanding his chicken during the normal feeding times. The chicken will probably end in the next week or so. I had a good picture yesterday but couldn't snap it fast enough. All three boys were by the bathroom sink watching the water drip, part of the morning ritual. At first Bullitt preferred to be by me only because I spent more time with him initially, but now he routinely sits by Renee when she is by the computer or in the living room doing laundry. He's rarely sitting still and is coming out of his shell very nicely. We will send pictures when we can get him sitting still long enough and once again, thank you very much. We are very thankful for Bullitt and the job you did with him. ~Jeff and Renee' Vandehey

I wanted to share with you some wonderful news about Ozzy. He was adopted a couple weeks ago by a senior couple (sons live two houses down and are with parents every evening for dinner and help); the husband has Parkinson's disease and uses a walker to get around. Well, Ozzy has become a service type dog for the man, all on his own. He stays by the man and then will walk right by his side when the man needs to get up and go to the washroom. Ozzy lays outside the door and waits for the man, and then walks right by him returning him to his special chair. The family is just amazed at how Ozzy has take this type of care on without any training or encouragement. Ozzy took to this couple immediately and it was love at first sight for both of them. These folks owned a Chow Chow previously and that dog passed away a while back so they were looking to add a new dog to their lives. The goal was to have a dog around so the husband would have companionship and something to take away his attention from his disease. Sounds like they got a total gift with Ozzy. What a special boy he is! The son takes Ozzy for daily walks, with the mom, plus Ozzy has an entire acre of fenced property to run and play in. We are so happy for Ozzy.

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