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The Wellbeing Advisory Committee has been established related to Cedar Rapids as a Blue Zones Community. In March 2016, Cedar Rapids became the 15th certified Blue Zones Community in the nation. In an effort to build on the momentum from the Blue Zones Project and continue to make well-being a way of life, Cedar Rapids began a partnership with Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield to implement the Healthy Hometown program in 2018. Learn more about Cedar Rapids Healthy Hometown efforts.
The Wellbeing Advisory Committee supports the on-going work of creating a healthy community and assists the Cedar Rapids City Council with matters related to well-being.
The Wellbeing Committee by-laws were formally adopted by the City Council on January 12, 2016.
The Wellbeing Advisory Committee shall:
  1. Develop and monitor an annual community work plan consisting of goals and objectives to address community wellbeing improvement through implementation of data-informed practices in areas including, but not limited to, physical, social, and emotional well-being for the Committee to pursue and report to the City Council.

  2. Ensure implementation of work plan strategies to meet milestones through community committees and/or workgroups.

  3. Review community data on wellbeing to identify and track opportunities for wellbeing improvement.

  4. Provide recommendations to improve wellbeing in new and existing programs, services, and facilities.

  5. Develop relationships with other organizations working to improve wellbeing, including serving as liaisons between the Committee and organizations to which Committee members belong.

  6. Identify wellbeing needs and issues related to City programs, services, and facilities.

  7. Disseminate information to all interested, affected, and/or concerned groups and citizens about City Council plans or decisions related to the Committee's work.

  8. Actively engage in education and outreach activities related to healthy eating, active living, social support and stress reduction and recommend improvements to new or existing programs, services, and facilities of the City of Cedar Rapids.

  9. Identify and collect community impact metrics to monitor wellbeing improvement.

  10. At the end of each fiscal year, provide a report to the City Council on the work and accomplishments of the Committee.

  1. Seek out opportunities to discuss issues of wellbeing with residents in the community, and become familiar with the barriers and opportunities among residents.
  2. Consider any issue brought before it by the public that directly relates to issues of wellbeing in Cedar Rapids.
  3. Familiarize themselves with the status of existing City and County programs, services, and facilities.
  4. Actively participate in the Wellbeing Advisory Committee meetings, public information, and community involvement efforts. 

Regular meetings are held at City Services Center, 500 15th Ave SW, at 10:00 a.m. on the first Thursday of the month. All meeting agendas will be posted 24 hours prior to the meeting.


The Wellbeing Advisory Committee consists of a total of nine (9) members, who are appointed by the Mayor for a term of three (3) years serving no more than two (2) consecutive terms. The Committee membership may include at least one representative of the following sectors: business, healthcare, non-profit, higher education, and community members. The Committee membership may also include at least one representative of the following: Linn County Public Health and K-12 school employee. Committee members are required at all times to be residents or employed within the corporate limits of the City of Cedar Rapids. The Committee annually elects a Co-Chairs. The Wellbeing Advisory Committee shall meet at least once in any three (3) month period. Special meetings may be called by the Chairs or the City of Cedar Rapids.

Current Members

  • Adam Walter (2024), Co-Chair
  • Kit Kirby (2024)
  • Amy Hockett (Linn County Public Health Rep) (2024)
  • Sandy Byard (K-12 School District Rep) (2024)
  • Abbey Ferenzi (2025)
  • Elizabeth Moore (2025)
  • Jen Bata (2026)
  • Lindsay Olson (2026)
  • Jodee Reed (2026)

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