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The city council, by a majority vote of its total membership, shall appoint a city manager for an indefinite term and fix the manager’s compensation.  The city manager shall be appointed solely on the basis of his or her education, experience, and fitness of the person to serve in that capacity without regard to political or other affiliation.  The manager need not be a resident of the city or state at the time of appointment but shall reside within Cedar Rapids unless residence outside of the city is approved by the council.

(a) The city manager is under the direction and supervision of the city council and holds office at its pleasure.  An affirmative vote of six members of the council shall be required to remove the city manager who may be removed at any time with or without cause.  Such removal shall not affect the city manager’s contract rights, if any, with the city. 
(b) Upon the resignation or removal of the city manager, the council shall appoint an individual qualified to perform the duties of city manager to serve at the pleasure of the council or until a city manager is appointed.

Section 4.03.   ACTING CITY MANAGER.
By letter filed with the city clerk, the city manager shall designate a city officer or employee to exercise the powers and perform the duties of city manager during the manager’s temporary absence or disability.  The city council may revoke such designation at any time and appoint another officer of the city to serve until the city manager is able to resume his or her duties.

(a) The city manager shall be chief administrative officer of the city and shall: 
     (i) Insure that the laws of the city are executed and enforced.
     (ii) Supervise and direct the administration of city government and the official conduct of employees of the city appointed by the city manager including their employment, training, reclassification, suspension or discharge as the occasion requires, subject to state law. 
     (iii) Appoint the chief of the police department and the chief of the fire department with the advice and consent of the city council. 
     (iv) Supervise the chief of the police department and chief of the fire department, including their suspension or discharge, with the advice and consent of the city council, as the occasion requires.  Except for suspension or discharge, such supervision shall not be subject to approval of the city council.
     (v) Appoint or employ persons to occupy positions for which no other method of appointment is provided by state law or this charter.
     (vi) Supervise the administration of the city personnel system, including the determination of the compensation of all city employees appointed by the city manager subject to state law or this charter.
     (vii) Supervise the performance of all contracts for work to be done for the city, supervise all purchases of materials and supplies, and assure that such materials and supplies are received and are of specified quality and character. 
     (viii) Supervise and manage all public improvements, works and undertakings of the city, and all city-owned property including buildings, plants, systems, and enterprises, and have charge of their construction, improvement, repair, and maintenance except where otherwise provided by state law. 
     (ix) Supervise the making and preservation of all surveys, maps, plans, drawings, specifications, and estimates for the city. 
     (x) Provide for the issuance and revocation of licenses and permits authorized by state law or city ordinance and cause a record thereof to be maintained. 
     (xi) Prepare and submit to the council the annual budgets in the form prescribed by state law.
     (xii) Provide the council an itemized written monthly financial report. 
     (xiii) Attend council meetings and keep the council fully advised of the financial and other conditions of the city and its needs. 
     (xiv) See that the business affairs of the city are transacted in an efficient manner and that accurate records of all city business are maintained and made available to the public, except as otherwise provided by state law. 
     (xv) Provide necessary and reasonable clerical, research, and professional assistance to boards within limitations of the budget. 
     (xvi) Perform such other and further duties as the council may direct.
(b) The city manager, in performing the foregoing duties, may: 
     (i) Present recommendations and programs to the council and participate in any discussion by the council of any matters pertaining to the duties of the city manager. 
     (ii) Cause the examination and investigation of the affairs of any department or the conduct of any employee under supervision of the city manager. 
     (iii) Execute contracts on behalf of the city when authorized by the council.

Except for the exercise of the right to vote, the city manager shall not take part in any election of council members.  This prohibition shall in no way limit the city manager’s duty to make available public records as provided by law, including the provision of public information to council candidates and interested citizens.

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