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All powers of the city shall be vested in the city council, except as otherwise provided by law or this charter, and the council shall provide for the exercise of these powers and for the performance of all duties and obligations imposed on the city by law.

Section 2.02.   COMPOSITION.
The city council shall consist of eight council members plus the mayor.  Three council members, to be known as council members at large, and the mayor are to be nominated and elected by the eligible electors of the city at large and five council members, to be known as district council members, are to be nominated and elected by eligible electors of their respective districts. 

The city council, by ordinance, shall divide the city into five council districts using the standards required by law. The council districts shall be designated as Council District 1, Council District 2, Council District 3, Council District 4, and Council District 5.  The term “council district” shall have the same meaning as the term “council ward” in the Code of Iowa.

(a) Eligibility.  Only eligible electors of Cedar Rapids shall be eligible to hold and retain the office of council member or mayor.  Further, if seeking or elected to represent a council district, the council member must be and remain an eligible elector of that council district. Employees of the City of Cedar Rapids may be candidates for council positions including that of mayor.  If elected any city employee must resign or take a leave of absence. 
(b) Terms.  At the first regular city election under this charter, all nine council members are to be elected, including the mayor.  With respect to the three council members elected at large, the two elected council members who receive the highest number of votes are elected for four-year terms.  The remaining council member will be elected for an initial term of two years.  Council members elected from Council District 1 and Council District 3 and Council District 5 shall be elected for four-year terms and council members elected from Council District 2 and Council District 4 shall be elected for an initial term of two years.  Commencing at the next regular election and at all subsequent elections, except as provided herein, all council members shall be elected for four-year terms.  The term of the council member elected at large for the term beginning on January 2, 2014 that received fewer votes than the other member elected at large will be elected for a two year term.  All subsequent terms for that office of council member shall be for four years. 

Section 2.05.   COMPENSATION.
The city council, by ordinance, may establish the compensation of the mayor and the other council members.  The city council shall not adopt such an ordinance during the months of November and December immediately following a regular city election.  However, the initial compensation following adoption of this charter of the eight regular council members shall be $15,000 per year and the initial compensation of the mayor shall be $30,000 per year, which initial compensation, unless otherwise adjusted by the city council, shall annually be adjusted up or down by the same percentage as the percentage change in the Consumer Price Index (CPI-U, US City Average, All Items) published by the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, for the most recent twelve month period for which data is available.  In addition to such compensation, members of the city council, including the mayor, may be paid for actual expenses incurred by them as allowed by law.

Section 2.06.   MAYOR.
(a) Powers and Duties.  The mayor shall be a voting member of the city council and shall attend and preside at meetings of the council and shall represent the city in intergovernmental relationships, appoint with the advice and consent of the council the members of citizen advisory boards and commissions, present an annual state-of-the-city message by February 28 of each year, appoint the members and officers of council committees and serve as an ex-officio member thereof, assign council agenda items subject to the consent of council, coordinate economic development activities of the city, and perform other duties specified by the council.  The mayor shall be recognized as the head of city government for all ceremonial purposes and by the governor for purposes of military law but shall have no administrative duties.  The mayor shall not have the power to veto city council legislation.
(b) Election. At each applicable regular election, the voters of the city shall elect a mayor at large for a term of four years. 
(c) Mayor Pro Tem.  The council shall elect from among its members a mayor pro tem who shall act as mayor during the temporary absence or temporary disability of the mayor. 
(d) Long Term Planning Commission.  Once every five  years beginning in 2014, the mayor shall appoint with the advice and consent of the council a commission of twenty persons at least fifteen of whom shall be residents of the city of Cedar Rapids.  The commission shall be chaired by the mayor.  The commission members shall be generally representative of the Cedar Rapids and regional community.  The commission shall develop a long-term plan with recommended goals and objectives for the city.  The commission shall complete its work within six months and submit its long-term plan to the city council.  The plan shall be published in a local newspaper of general circulation in Cedar Rapids.  The city council shall provide funds to cover reasonable expenses of the commission.

Section 2.07.   APPOINTMENTS.
The city council shall appoint the following city officers:
(a) City manager.
(b) City clerk. 
(c) City attorney. 
The city council shall fix the amount of compensation, if any, of persons it appoints and shall provide for the method of compensation of other city employees.

Section 2.08.   RULES AND RECORDS.
City council shall determine its own rules and maintain records of its proceedings as allowed by law.

Section 2.09.   VACANCIES.
The city council shall fill vacancies occurring in elective city offices as provided by Iowa law.

Section 2.10.   COUNCIL ACTION.
Passage of an ordinance, amendment, or resolution requires a majority vote of all of the members of the council except as otherwise provided by law.  Passage of a motion requires a majority vote of a quorum of the council.

Section 2.11.   PROHIBITIONS.
(a) Holding Other Offices.  Except where authorized by law, no council member shall hold any other elected public office during the term for which the member was elected to the council.  No council member shall hold any other city office or city employment during the term for which the member was elected.  With the exception of a former city employee on leave of absence, no former council member shall hold any compensated appointive office or employment with the city until one year after the expiration of the term for which the member was elected unless granted a waiver by resolution adopted by the city council. Nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit the council from selecting any current or former council member to represent the city on the governing board of any regional or other intergovernmental agency. 
(b) Appointments and Removals.  Except with respect to its advice and consent responsibilities in connection with the hiring or discharge of the chiefs of the fire and police departments, neither the city council nor any of its members shall control or demand the appointment or removal of any city administrative officer or employee whom the city manager or any subordinate of the city manager is empowered to appoint, but the council may express its views and fully and freely discuss with the city manager anything pertaining to the appointment and removal of such officers and employees.  Further, a council member may not interfere with the supervision or direction of any person appointed by or under the control of the city manager.

Section 2.12.   REMOVAL FROM OFFICE.
Council members, including the mayor, may be removed from office as provided by Iowa law.

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