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Turn Around, Don't Drown!

Turn around dont drown - Copy (3)When you see flooding over a roadway, remember the water may be deeper than it appears. Never attempt to cross over a flooded road! Just 2 feet of water can float a car, and 6 inches of moving water is enough to knock a person down. 

Living in Iowa means we need to be prepared all year round. We are faced with torrential rain and flooding in the spring/early summer, damaging winds, storms and tornados in the summer and snow/ice in the winter so it is important to be prepared! 

  • Develop an evacuation plan. If a flood is coming how will you leave and where will everyone go/meet up?
  • Prepare an emergency kit, think about what will you take.
  • Are you ready to leave at a moment’s notice?

Keep an emergency kit stocked with enough food and water to last at minimum 3 days per person living in your household. If possible ensure your emergency kit has enough food for longer. Make sure that the food you have in your emergency kit is something you will be comfortable eating; emergencies are not the time to try new foods. Make sure to have backup charging cables and devices for your cell phones or other mobile devices used for communication. emergency conditions may make it harder to find spaces to charge or purchasing charging cables.

For more safety tips and information, please go to Flood Safety                                   

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