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Flood of 2008

Conceptual design work has begun on permanent flood protection for the west side of the river but we need USACE approval and more funding to complete the work.

The West Side Flood Management System concept includes an estimated 2.5 miles of levee and concrete floodwalls. The conceptual alignment extends from just south of Ellis Park to just South of 22nd Avenue SW. Concrete floodwalls are recommended from the 8th Avenue Bridge to the Bridge of Lions at 16th Avenue SW. Removable floodwall sections or gates are recommended where the system is crossed by active City streets and railroad crossings. Other removable floodwalls could be recommended as more detailed planning occurs.

In the event of a flood emergency, removable wall sections would be installed by City crews with some private contractor assistance. The concept anticipates up to seven pump stations for existing storm sewers that currently outlet at the Cedar River and one sanitary sewer pump station.

The estimated project cost for the West Side Flood Management System is $175 million, including construction, contingencies, engineering, administration, property acquisitions and other associated costs. This cost is based on building a flood management system at the 2008 flood protection level. The City is still working to identify funding sources to cover the cost of west side flood protection yet.

However, one section of the West Side Flood Management System is already complete. The levee that supports the new Riverfront Amphitheater at First Street SW, between Third and H Avenues, is an example of how the flood management system will look.

West Side Flood Protection Facts

  • 2.5 miles of levees and concrete floodwalls

  • Removable floodwall gates at streets and railroad crossings

  • Up to 8 permanent pump stations

  • Estimated Cost: $175 million

  • A construction date has not been established yet.

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