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Robinson's Building at 2020 16th Avenue SW, The History Center clipping files.

 This large one story structure at 2020 16th Avenue SW was one of the first new commercial buildings built along 16th Avenue SW shortly after World War II ended. In 1939, 16th Avenue SW had become a newly created Highway 30 (formerly Lincoln Highway) route in west Cedar Rapids. In the early 1950’s, this was the home of the Wood Tractor Company. By 1959, the building was converted into Robinson’s Wholesale and retail merchandise store,  the very first suburban “big box” style retail store in Cedar Rapids. For many years beginning in the 1970’s, this was then the home of the Minnesota Plywood Lumber Company. In more recent years, furniture stores and a hamburger restaurant have occupied parts of this structure.

Mark W. Stoffer Hunter, Research Historian, The History Center


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