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Photograph of the Chandler Grocery store, The History Center clipping files, 7/10/1974.

 This residential property at 215 15th Street NW was    originally built just before 1920 as a family mom-and-pop neighborhood grocery store. The location was ideal with it being less than half a block away from where the new  Lincoln Highway, built in 1913, passed at the corner of A Avenue and 15th Street NW. Although the Ray Dickson family operated this store in 1919, the name Chandler was given to the store to acknowledge the large Chandler  family mansion one block away along 15th Street NW    between A Avenue and First Avenue NW.  Even though the Chandler Mansion was later converted into the first  Cleveland Elementary School, the store maintained the   Chandler family name under the ownership of later     families such as Morrissey and Palumbo. The grocery store operated here through the mid 1970’s.

Mark W. Stoffer Hunter, Research Historian, The History Center

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