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Tree maintenance in Bever Park

As we anticipate receiving our 40th Tree City USA designation in 2018, we continue to be committed to maintaining a healthy, diverse and safe tree canopy. While we plant trees as often and in as many places as we can, unfortunately, sometimes we must also remove trees that have become a part of our park landscape because they are no longer safe for the public.

This winter, our forestry crews will begin work in Bever Park to remove trees that have been individually identified as safety hazards. Many of the trees are in or near Old MacDonald’s Farm and are scheduled to be taken out prior to when the farm gets busy with families again.

Some trees near the barn have severely exposed root systems. The damage has occurred over time, caused by erosion that exists due to the landscape and heavy use in the area. Exposed root systems significantly impact the stability of the tree. One tree with extensive damage to the base, is over 80% dead and could injure visitors or cause damage to farm structures if it fell.

We are proactively taking out other trees that show earlier signs of failing that cannot be brought back to health. They are scheduled for removal now because it would cause considerable impact to the farm operation if they failed in the summer and we needed time and access to remove them.  Some of the trees were already identified for removal as part of long term landscaping improvements that would create a better experience for visitors and the animals.

We understand that the loss of these trees may impact the appearance of Old MacDonald’s Farm. This area of Bever Park is cherished and loved by 115,000 people each year. However, our first priority is to make sure our parks, and Old MacDonald’s Farm, are safe places to visit. If you have questions about the project, please call the forestry division at 286-5747. 

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