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Crush the Curve Virtual Marathon

I have been running endurance races for about 6 years – marathons, ultra-marathons, and triathlons. My favorite distance to run is 50 miles. I am not very fast, but I enjoy the gratification of finishing. I am writing this blog dressed in my triathlon suit after getting off my indoor bike trainer. When I put my tri suit on today, I felt empowered and was motivated to go hard on my bike for an hour.

As the coordinator of the Crush the Curve virtual marathon, I encourage you to get motivated.  Get off the couch and do something powerful for yourself – run a marathon! Crush the Curve virtual marathon is for everybody. You have 30 days to run, jog, walk, or workout to complete the 26.2 mile challenge. This is your race. You get to make up the rules. You can walk one mile a day; you can run nine 5K’s; or you can do yoga, weights, and kickboxing for seven hours. Complete your log sheet each day, and as you write down your workout, see how powerful that feels.

Crush the Curve Marathon will be easier to do with a workout partner, but keep social distancing in mind. By working out, you will feel better, have more energy, and have something to look forward to each day. Life will get back to normal at some point, and you may find a new activity that you will really like to do.

Remember it’s your race and your rules. Have fun and good luck!

Rob Wagner
Recreation Supervisor, Parks and Recreation Department

  Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 101 First Street SE

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