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Celebrate Earth Day with the City of Cedar Rapids

Happy Earth Day!

Did you know?…

City Manager's 1-Bag Challenge participants have removed more than 10,000 bags of litter from City streets since 2012.

The City Manager's #1BagChallenge has removed more than 100 tons of litter from City streets since 2012! Find out where you can pick up a mint green bag and join the challenge:


In 2012, the City launched iGreenCR, a sustainability initiative demonstrating its commitment to creating a more sustainable community for the next generation.

Everyone can be a part of the iGreenCR team as we all work together to create a more sustainable and greener community. Learn more:


We maintain 64.6 miles of bikeways and trails within Cedar Rapids. Our bike network has grown 44% in only four years.

The City of Cedar Rapids has been recognized as a League of American Bicyclists Bicycle-Friendly Community since 2009. Learn more:


The City of Cedar Rapids Urban Agriculture Ordinance created a process to grow food on open lots and keep backyard chickens and bees.

Compost more than just yard waste. Use your YARDY cart for certain food scraps and paper products, too!

Did you know your YARDY cart can take more than just yard waste? Compost all non-animal food scraps, coffee filters & grounds, and paper towels and napkins too! Learn what waste goes where:


In 2018 the City established an idling policy to conserve fuel and protect air quality.

Ten minutes of not running a car engine will prevent one pound of carbon dioxide.

The Library exceeds the Iowa Energy Code standards baseline by 55% and is a LEED Platinum building.

The City of Cedar Rapids is dedicated to using LEED standards to guide the construction of new buildings.

Learn More!

Litter has no place in our community. In 2018 we unveiled the mini litter vacuum, another tool in our fight against litter.

We nicknamed our mini litter vacuum, "Snuffleupagus!" We're always finding new ways to cut back on litter in our community.

Cedar Rapids collaborates with upstream conservation entities and local farmers to increase the implementation of nutrient-management and flood-reduction practices in the Middle Cedar Watershed.

The Middle Cedar Partnership Project has leveraged more than $3 million from 17 partners to install cover crops, bioreactors, saturated buffers, and more in the watershed. These projects improve water quality and quantity challenges. Track our progress:


Cedar Rapids partners with the Monarch Research Project to convert unproductive public land into rich pollinator habitats.

Installing prairies in parks and pollinator zones across the City are just a few of the initiatives we're taking to help our monarch population thrive.


Resolve to become an expert recycler!

Items that are not recyclable at the curbside — like garden hoses and food containers that still have liquid residue— can contaminate other clean recyclables, ruining an entire truckload! Learn how to be a better recycler:


Four solar arrays at City facilities save $10,000 per year in electricity costs.

Strategically placed solar arrays at water facilities across Cedar Rapids help keep rates low and reduce our carbon footprint. Learn more:


Cedar Rapids earned a 4-STAR Community Rating from STAR Communities, a measurement of the City's environmental, economic, and social health.

"When public and private organizations become better stewards of the environment, they create positive economic benefits for themselves and the entire community." —City Manager Jeff Pomeranz:


Approximately 1.65 million gallons of stormwater are being treated each year with the help of our Cost-Share Program.

Our Stormwater Practices Cost-Share Program can help you pay for projects that improve water quality and reduce stormwater runoff on your property. For residential projects, the City will reimburse 50% of the cost up to $2,000. Learn more:


The City of Cedar Rapids completed a tree inventory in 2016 to identify and diversify our urban tree canopy.

Did you know that the City of Cedar Rapids has been nicknamed the Emerald City because of its vast urban forest? Through diverse planting strategies, we plant 20 to 30 different species every spring and fall. Learn more:


Save $40 per year on your water bill! Residents have conserved approximately 7.5 million gallons of water by taking advantage of our rebate programming.

iGreenCR encourages water customers to implement cost-saving, water-efficient measures on their properties. Find a rebate that's right for you:


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