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Buggy (and more) for Sale

Antique and auction lovers will get a real treat this Sunday when we hold a public auction of items no longer used at Ushers Ferry. From a vintage bridal gown, to family photo albums and antique furniture there will be many interesting items to look at and bid on. Whether you are in the mood to buy, or just want to watch, it will be fun afternoon filled with items you rarely get to see.

The pieces for sale were used by the Village many years ago, but have been stored since 2008 when many of our buildings were lost to the flood. These items were used for programming in those buildings or are duplications of things we own.  We have offered the pieces to other museums, but feel the items that remain would be better off in places where they will continue to be loved and viewed.

This process allows us to manage and store our collection in our existing facilities more effectively and lets us focus on adding pieces to our museum that we don’t already have. Any proceeds from the sale have been committed to the preservation of our collection and acquisition of unique items.

The sale starts at noon on Sunday, November 5, at 5925 Seminole Valley Trail NE but the public is welcome to browse sale items starting at 10:00 a.m. Auction items can also be seen at wearsauctioneering.com. 

If you are in the mood for a little history, come on out!

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