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A new welcome to parks

One of the most common questions we get asked in the Parks and Recreation Department is “What do you guys do all winter?” While it would be nice to pull up a chair and slow down following the crazy months of the summer season, it never quite happens that way. There is always equipment to be repaired and a new project to be explored. It seems that winter is never long enough for all the items on our To-Do list.

This past year, the parks maintenance crew tackled the project of creating new signage for park entrances and intersections. Our brown and yellow park signs looked like they belonged on That 70’s Show, while we wanted a contemporary way to welcome people to some of the best parks in the state. After we looked at the cost to order new signs for the entire park system we had to sit down and regroup. The result was a new machine that could transfer and router signs from graphic files on our computer. While some staff undertook mastering the new equipment, others built frames for the signs, painted or installed them.

Over the winter months, more than 25 signs were created that you will see throughout the park system soon. We were able to produce each sign for approximately $850 where it would cost $2,300-$3,000 to purchase them.  Even after taking into account the cost of the new equipment, we saved more than $30,000 this year alone by doing them in-house.  You will see the signs this summer at our signature parks and we will continue to replace signs in smaller parks in upcoming winter seasons. We hope that you enjoy this updated look.

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