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Spring Leaf Vacuum Collection | April 1–26, 2019


Starting Monday, April 1, the Cedar Rapids Solid Waste and Recycling Division will begin operating leaf vacuum trucks. The trucks will run through Friday, April 26. Residents can expect collection of leaves on their regular garbage day unless the trucks are slowed by weather or volume. If the service is slowed by weather or volume, the Cedar Rapids Solid Waste and Recycling Division will strive to reach the property the next day.

Residents should place leaves in long rows on the grass or parking area beside the street for collection. Leaves must be kept out of the street and away from obstacles like mailboxes, signs, poles and trees. The vacuum truck will not collect leaves from alleys. Leaf piles should be free from brush and debris. Sticks and twigs can be placed in the YARDY cart for collection and litter should be bagged and placed in your garbage can. Please do not park cars in front of leaf piles; the truck will not be able to collect the leaves.

Leaf Vacuum Program Basics

  • The leaf vacuum program helps our city protect our streams and the Cedar River. By keeping the leaves on the lawn and out of the street, less organic material is washed into our waterways through the storm sewer system.
  • Rake leaves into long piles on the parking area or grass next to the street. Leaves must be kept out of the street. The vacuum truck will not collect leaves from alleys.
  • Please do not park cars in front of the leaf piles; the truck will not be able to collect the leaves.
  • Collect brush and branches to put in your YARDY cart for collection.
  • Keep leaf piles away from obstacles like your collection carts, mailboxes, cars and utility poles.

Program Benefits
The leaf vacuum program helps keep our lakes, rivers, and streams healthy, while protecting the safety of our community. When large numbers of leaves enter the storm sewer, the nutrients from decaying leaves overwhelm and choke out aquatic life. The leaf vacuum truck program keeps leaves out the street, reducing the number of leaves swept into the storm sewer and the likelihood of street flooding due to plugged drains. Keeping leaves out the street also reduces the risks associated with kids playing in leaf piles.

Additional leaf collection options
YARDY Cart: 
Customers can use their YARDY carts for the collection of leaves and other organic materials. YARDY carts are collected on a weekly basis throughout the year. Some customers have found that mulching leaves before placing in the YARDY cart increases the amount of material that will fit in the cart. There is a 300-pound weight limit for the 95-gallon YARDY cart.

Additional YARDY carts can be purchased for a one-time fee, which is added to your municipal utility bill. The additional YARDY cart is the property of the customer. For more information about purchasing additional YARDY carts, contact the Solid Waste & Recycling Division at (319) 286-5897.

Leaf Bags:
During fall and spring leaf vacuum collection periods, paper leaf bags can be used for any leaves that do not fit in your YARDY cart. Leaf bags will ONLY be picked up if they are placed at the curb with a filled YARDY cart. Each leaf bag must weigh less than 40 pounds.

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