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The following is a current list of bid lettings of capital improvement program work for the City of Cedar Rapids Utilities Department.  Plans and bidding documents for these projects are available as described in the Notice of Hearing and Letting for each project, viewable by clicking on the individual project names in the first column of the table.

For further information, call:  319-286-5950.

Please note: Bid Tabulations are posted for information purposes only and are unofficial results. This posting does not guarantee that any award will be made or a contract issued. All projects require City Council action to accept bids and award contracts. The City of Cedar Rapids is not responsible for errors, omissions or inaccuracies in the results that are posted.

Copies of bidding documents available from the Rapids Reproductions Plan Room are obtainable by electric download or by ordering paper copies.  Orders will be taken by telephone at 319-364-2473 or on their website at http://dfs.rapidsrepro.com.  If you do not have an existing Rapids Reproductions account, you must create one in order to log into the City of Cedar Rapids Plan Room.  No deposit is required for the documents.

Click on bid description for detailed information.

BidFiling DateBid Opening Date

Water Division Variable Frequency Drive Replacement (6250053-02)
Engineer's Estimated Cost is $1,012,000

4/11/17 5/10/17

Water Department Roof Replacements (6250064-03)

2/14/2017 3/15/2017

Kirkwood Elevated Water Storage Tank (6250040-03)
Kirkwood Elevated Water Storage Tank Bid Tab (6250040-03)
Awarded to Landmark Structures I, LP


WPC Electric Grid Improvements (615197-02)
WPC Electric Grid Improvements Bid Tab (615197-02)
Awarded to Price Industrial Inc.


Raw Water Main Relocation-Low Lift Pump Station near Mohawk Park (6250044-02)
Raw Water Main Relocation-Low Lift Pump Station Mohawk Park Bid Tab (6250044-02)
Awarded to Langman Construction


Water Pollution Control Facility Odor Control Upgrades (615233-02)

Water Pollution Control Facility Odor Control Upgrades Bid Tab (615233-02)
Awarded to Williams Brothers Construction


Kirkwood Standpipe Demolition (6250040-02)

Kirkwood Standpipe Demolition Bid Tab (6250040-02)

Awarded to D.W. Zinser Company


Repair of Water Service Lines FY 17 (2017011, Contract# 521108-17)

Repair of Water Service Lines FY 17 Bid Tab
Awarded to B.G. Brecke


Replacement of Fire Hydrants, Valves, and Blow Off Completes FY17 (Bid Tab) 2017037-01) 

Awarded to B.G. Brecke

Seminole River Bank Armoring (6250045-02)
Awarded to CJ Moyna & Sons Inc


Horizontal Collector Well No. 5 Pumphouse (625863-06)
Awarded to Calacci Construction Co.


Northwest Water Treatment Plant Roof Replacements (625904-04)
Awarded to Jim Giese Commercial Roofing Inc


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