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Logo for iGreenCR Initiative - Investing in Cedar Rapids' Next Generation 

Everyone can be a part of the iGreenCR team as we all work together to create a more sustainable and greener community.  

The City of Cedar Rapids contributes to the team by investing in more sustainable practices and working towards goals we have set for our city operations to reach by the year 2020. 

You can contribute to the team by taking the individual actions identified in each iGreenCR element or by taking the monthly team challenge.

Plant Some Shade 
The “Plant Some Shade” partnership allows MidAmercan Energy customers to purchase 6-8 foot tall shade trees at reduced rates of $30 per tree. For an application or to learn more, visit iGreenCR Forestry.


This month's TEAM challenge:


​Take the City Manager's 1-Bag Challenge!


Bike CR 
Clean Up CR 
Community Development 
CR Transit Energy Management Forestry
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