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2017 Paving for Progress Accomplishments

2017 Paving for Progress Accomplishments

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA – December 14, 2017 – The 2017 Paving for Progress season has wrapped up, which includes approximately 7.63 linear miles of pavement improvements (or 14.3 lane miles) on local and arterial roads. This year marked the fourth construction season of the program – an estimated $17.2 million investment in our infrastructure this year (as of the end of October).

This year, improvements were completed on C Avenue NE, which included street replacement, storm sewer improvements, water main replacement, on-street bike lanes, and sidewalk. Other projects of note this year:

  • 3rd Avenue SW, which included pavement improvements, pedestrian bump-outs, and water main replacement.
  • Seminole Valley Road NE, which included new roadway, paved shoulders, sanitary sewer extension, storm sewer, water main, and sidewalk infill. 
  • West Post Road NW, the final section of a multi-year project to replace the road, improve the sidewalk, replace water main, and extend storm sewer onto Harbet Avenue.
  • 29th and 30th Street Drive SE, which included pavement improvements, water main replacement, and sidewalk infill.

There were 26 projects completed this year, which included local roads (residential) and main arterials in all four quadrants of the city; three projects began this year and will be completed next year; and four projects were joint efforts with Linn County. Projects were completed by a combination of city forces and contractors.

The 26 completed projects include:

  • 1st Avenue Bridge repairs
  • 2nd Avenue SE from 19th Street to Crescent Street
  • 3rd Avenue SW from 6th Street to 1st Street
  • 6th Street SE from 2nd Avenue to 3rd Avenue
  • 11th Street SW from 18th Avenue to 16th Avenue
  • 13th Street NW from A Avenue to B Avenue
  • 13th Street NW from I Avenue to K Avenue
  • 17th Street NE from I Avenue to 500 feet south
  • 18th Avenue SW from 11th Street to 12th Street
  • 18th Street SW and 8th Avenue SW intersection
  • 21st Street NW from Johnson Avenue to Burch Avenue
  • 22nd Avenue SW from 8th Street to 9th Street
  • 29th Street Drive SE from 1st Avenue to Tama Street
  • Andover Lane SE from Trail Ridge Road to Cul-de-Sac
  • C Avenue NE from Collins Road to 40th Street
  • Eastern Boulevard SE from 2000 block to Cottage Grove Avenue
  • Falcon Drive NE from Wenig Road to Sally Drive
  • G Avenue NE from 35th Street to 36th Street
  • Liberty Drive SE from 400 block to Forest Drive
  • Linn Boulevard SE from Cottage Grove Avenue to Liberty Drive
  • Madison Street NE from 29th Street to 32nd Street
  • Northwood Drive NE from south of Brookland Drive to 42nd Street
  • Park Place NE from east of Park Place Lane to Rockwell Drive
  • Park Terrace SE from Bever Avenue to Grande Avenue
  • Seminole Valley Road NE from Ushers Ferry to 42nd Street
  • West Post Road NW from Gordon Avenue to Plainview Drive, plus storm sewer on Harbet from West Post to Gordon

Three projects were started this year and will be completed next year:

  • 14th Avenue SE from 36th Street to 42nd Street
  • 16th Avenue SE from 4th Street to 5th Street extension 
  • Memorial Drive SE from Mt Vernon Road to Bever Avenue

Four projects completed this year were a joint effort with Linn County Secondary Roads:

  • Covington Road and Ellis Boulevard
  • East Main Street NE from City of Robins Limits to C Avenue
  • Lincoln Heights Drive SE and Eleanor Court Intersection
  • Mount Vernon Road SE from East Post Road to 44th Street

“We are easily seeing twice the number of improvements each year as a direct result of the local option sales tax,” says Paving for Progress Program Manager Doug Wilson, P.E. “Without this funding source, many of these roads would not be addressed, and the City would be required to invest year after year on temporary fixes instead of permanent improvements.”


Paving for Progress began during the summer of 2014 and started with streets that required minimal design considerations or complexities. The program has since evolved to include a 10-year capital improvement plan that includes a prioritization list and recommended treatment methods, based on data on every city roadway. The plan was published in 2015 and updated in 2017 based on new pavement data. The plan will continue to be updated every two years to address changing needs in the city’s infrastructure.

To date, the program has made the following impacts:

  • Linear miles of roadway improved: 33.91
  • Investment in roadways as of October 31, 2017: $64.3 million
  • Projects completed to date: 106 
  • 70 percent of completed projects have been local/residential
  • 30 percent of completed projects have been arterial

Public outreach has been ongoing for the life of the program, and includes neighborhood meetings and an online database. Residents have access to the full 10-year plan on the City’s website, in addition to a map of projects that have been completed or underway, project material, and access to e-newsletters: To learn more visit CityofCR.com/PavingforProgress.

Some of the projects on the list for improvements next year include:

  • Center Point Road, from 29th Street to 32nd Street
  • E Avenue NW, from Iowa 100 to Stoney Point Road
  • Johnson Avenue NW, from 1st Avenue SW to Midway Drive NW
  • Memorial Drive SE, from Mt. Vernon Road to Bever Avenue
  • O Avenue NW Phase 1, from 16th Street NW to Ellis Blvd NW


Cedar Rapids voters passed a one percent sales tax for street repair in November of 2013, which went into effect July 1, 2014 and will continue for 10 years until it expires on June 30, 2024. Paving for Progress will capitalize on approximately $18 million annually, set aside solely for the maintenance, repair, construction and reconstruction of public streets. Residents can learn more by visiting CityofCR.com/PavingforProgress.

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