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Timeline for Permanent Flood Control System

The Iowa Flood Mitigation Board Award presumes the system will be completed in 20 years – 2034. The system could be completed in 13 years – 2030, based upon time needed for design, property acquisition, coordination with other entities (railroad), and construction. The City's plan is to complete the system as quickly as possible in order to keep inflation costs as minimal as possible.

The sequence/timeline was developed to answer three primary needs:

  1. Technical engineering as well as social, economic, and development considerations.
  2. The prioritization provides the greatest risk reduction as early as possible, while ensuring constructing one area would not jeopardize other areas. 
  3. The plan will be flexible to accommodate funding availability, potential development opportunities and shovel-readiness for additional grant opportunities.

Considerations when developing the sequencing:

  • Hydraulic impacts on other areas
  • Enhanced interim protection ability 
  • Protection of critical infrastructure 
  • Property currently owned by City 
  • Encourages complementary development 
  • Emergency access
Timeline for Flood Control System 

 Sequence Area Anticipated Timeline (2016)
NewBo / Sinclair  0 - 5 years out
Czech Village 0 - 5 years out
8th Ave Bridge 
0 - 5 years out
North Industrial
(east side of river, north of Quaker Oats to I-380)
5 - 10 years out
Kingston Village 5 - 10 years out
Downtown 10+ years out
Time Check 10+ years out
Cargill south 15+ years out
(8th Ave Bridge to 12th Avenue Bridge)
15+ years out
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