Stormwater Master Plan

Stormwater Master Plan

Extreme rain events appear to be occurring more regularly and with higher intensities.  The City's stormwater conveyance system collects runoff from roofs, driveways, sidewalks, and streets and parking lots, transporting it safely to creeks and rivers.  The management of this system is critical to reducing flood risks, property damage and loss of life, and for maintaining and improving water quality.

On November 1, 2016, the City Council adopted a new Stormwater Master Plan. The last Stormwater Master Plan was completed in 1998 and has become outdated in its ability to guide future decisions.  The City began development of the updated master plan in June of 2015.  This initial revamp reflects the collaborative effort of City and consultant staff to bring a fresh perspective and innovative thought to accomplish the following objectives.
  1. Reflect the City's vision for the future as presented in EnvisionCR
  2. Develop a hydraulic model that can serve as a platform to better define needs and consider cost-effective solutions
  3. Reflect City staff efforts to maintain and preserve the existing stormwater system through asset management
  4. Prioritize and recommend project for the capital improvement plan
  5. Identify financial needs and potential funding to close the gap between revenues and needs
  6. Consider potential policy solutions to address fundamental issues that contribute to current flooding problems
  7. Establish the foundation for annual updates to expand and improve upon the initial plan
The hydraulic modeling is performed at two scales.
  • A citywide "macro-level" model which provides an overall picture of where areas of the city experience stormwater conveyance challenges, and how widespread the issue is (measured in city blocks and/or square miles)
  • Detailed "basin-level" models, where each drainage basin is analyzed in detail using topographic and detailed stormwater conveyance system data to pinpoint street and property flooding severities
The current edition (FY 2016) and the next four years of work (until FY 2020) are subject to change as the plan continues to develop.  A new five-year plan will be developed after 2020.

Elements of the current adopted document are available for download below.  Updates will be posted as they are developed and adopted in future years.

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FY 16 issue (adopted)  FY17 issue (in progress) FY18 issue* (future)  FY19 issue* (future)    FY20 issue* (future)   

Set up objective project prioritization
system for current and
future projects 

Citywide System Model 

Basin Level Studies
    • Kenwood
    • O Avenue NW

Identified long-term capital needs
and financial strategies

Policy Recommendations  

 Growth Area Service Plans   
    • North
    • West
    • Southwest

 Basin Level Studies
    • E Avenue NW
    • Indian Creek

Policy Support

Review of Planned CIP Improvements

Growth Area Service Plans
    • Northwest
    • South

Basin Level Studies
    • Rockford Road
    • Czech Village
Policy Support

Asset Management Incorporation

Review of Planned CIP Improvements

Basin Level Studies
    • Morgan Creek
    • Ushers Ferry

Policy Support

Asset Management

Review of Planned CIP Improvements

Basin Level Studies
    • McLoud Run
    • Cedar River SE
    • Cedar River NE

Policy Support

Asset Management

Review of Planned CIP Improvements

* Scopes in future years subject to change

Elements of the current adopted documents are available for download in the Document Center below.  Updates will be postted here as they are developed and adopted in future years.

Please contact either Dave Wallace (  or Sandy Pumphrey ( with the Public Works - Engineering division for comments or questions on the documents or the process.

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