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Sidewalk Repair & Reimbursement Program

In July 2014, Council formally adopted the Complete Streets Policy, Complete Streets Design Standards, and Sidewalk Master Plan. The adoption encourages the inclusion of safe and accessible walking environments – a complete approach to infrastructure. Sidewalk maintenance plays a key role as we work to support walkable and connected neighborhoods.

Property Owner Maintenance
If your sidewalk is found to need repairs, the resources below will provide you with the information you’ll need to perform the necessary improvements.  

Permits before starting work:
Sidewalks are located in the public right-of-way. Prior to working in the right-of-way, one of the following applications must be submitted and approved: 

  • Application for Public Right-of-Way Permit (a $50 fee applies) OR
  • Application for Public Right-of-Way Permit - Direct Access Driveway Construction (to be used when constructing sidewalk in the driveway)
DOWNLOAD AN APPLICATION:These forms are available on the City's Right-of-Way page

Receiving Reimbursement:

The Iowa State Code places the responsibility on sidewalk maintenance and repairs on the adjacent property owner. However, the City does offer partial reimbursement to property owners who undertake the repairs themselves, or who use an owner-hired contractor bonded with the City. A list of bonded contractors is available under “Resources and Forms,” at the bottom of the page.   

In order to receive reimbursement, property owners must:

  • Complete the sidewalk repairs by the completion date provided in the City’s official notice

  • Print and return the Reimbursement Registration Form (available below)

  • Provide copies of invoices or receipts. These should be from verifiable businesses. Examples include: Specified concrete (C or M Mix from an IDOT certified supplier), concrete forms, curing compound, reinforcing steel, stone under paving, concrete disposal charges, tool rental and traffic control.  Non-acceptable examples: labor, tools that can be reused and backfill dirt.  

Calculating Reimbursement (March 2015 Policy):
 The CITY offers a reimbursement for sidewalk repair completed by the PROPERTY OWNER or its designee. The City of Cedar Rapids Public Works Department determined the City's reimbursement rate for the unit price per square foot of sidewalk is $9 per square foot.  This unit price is the basis for the rate at which the CITY will reimburse PROPERTY OWNERS for sidewalk repairs, and is determined every year.  The table below is from page 3 of the Sidewalk Repair and Reimbursement Policy.  It shows the 2018 data for the percentage of the unit price that the CITY will reimburse per square foot of sidewalk repaired.

Sidewalk Repaired by the PROPERTY OWNER for March 2015 Policy

Unit Price Reimbursed by CITY per Square Foot

Type of Repair

Up to 7.5' Wide
Maximum Reimbursement
(In a 4 Year Period)
GENERAL SIDEWALK REPAIR $3.15 per square foot (35% of $9 per square foot) $1,000

PLEASE NOTE: for SIDEWALK NOTIFICATION OF REPAIR LETTERS prior to March 2015, there was a different policy in effect. 

Sidewalk Inspection Schedule: 
Beginning in 2014, we will focus sidewalk repair efforts on a rotating district basis. A map is available to find which district your property is located in. You may request to add your property to the Sidewalk Program regardless of its location during any year.

Report Sidewalk Concern

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