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Paving for Progress Results 

Oakland Road improvements

Program to Date

Statistics showing significant impact of Paving for Progress on roadways in the first 5 years.

2018 Construction SeasonResident Quote: We support Paving for Progress and hope that it will be extended beyond its original term.

  • Approx. 9.8 linear miles of roadway (or approx. 20 lane miles)
  • Completion of 28 projects
  • Both local and arterial roads
  • At the peak of construction season, the combined value of projects underway exceeded $30 million
  • Despite poor weather, still completed more miles of roadway than in 2017

Pavement Data
Data is collected by a vehicle that drives the surface of the roads and collects data on texture, pavement distress, and roughness. Fresh data is collected every two years. The chart below shows how the condition of our roadways has improved over time with the Paving for Progress program.

Chart of Pavement Data from 2015-2017
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