Public Works

Projects Underway

US Army Corps of Engineers Projects

  • Project Partnership Agreement with US Army Corps of Engineers (signed November 2018)
  • Applies to east side of system; leverages federal funding
  • 5 years completion goal
  • Work on west side of system continues

Projects Starting 2019 – 2020

  • 3rd Avenue SE Removable Flood Gate
  • 16th Avenue SE Roller Flood Gate
  • Lot 44 Levee and Pump Station
  • Sinclair Pump Station (station already operational—adding two additional pumps)

LEARN MORE - Open House Renderings
See renderings presented during a recent public open house. 

Fall Open House // Learn more this fall on a variety of concepts still underway:

  • Elevated O Avenue
  • E and F Avenue Reconfiguration
  • 8th Ave Bridge and Riverfront Improvements (pump station, flood wall, amphitheatre restroom)

Projects Underway

16th Avenue SE Roller Gate 16th Ave Gateway concept rendering

  • Roller gate constructed 2020 (archway constructed 2021)
  • Rolls across road to keep water in river
  • Room to store gate behind flood wall 
  • Protects to 2008 flood volume
  • 45 minutes to close gate

3rd Avenue SE Removable Flood Gates3RD AVE FLOOD GATE concept

  • Permanent columns on sidewalk
  • Stackable panel gate during flood
  • Protects to 2008 volume
  • Deployed for a 22 ft river elevation
Czech Village Levee
  • Levee Construction: 2018–2020Czech Village levee construction work
    • 2018–2019: Solid Waste Agency to Bowling Street SW
    • 2019–2020: Bowling Street to 16th Avenue SW
  • First permanent flood control on the west side of the river since the adoption of the master plan.
  • Levee will be approximately ½ mile long.
  • Once levee is complete: provides protection to a river elevation up to 19.5 feet
  • Once entire Flood Control System is complete: provides protection to 2008 flood volume

NewBo/Masaryk Park Monument Relocations 

Masaryk Park monument rendering

  • Park construction: 2021
  • Collection of markers and memorial benches which recall individuals significant to the history and development of the New Bohemia District. 
  • Monuments were removed during levee construction and will be relocated to a new site in the district.

Quaker Oats Flood Wall 

  • Construction: August 2018–2021
  • First major permanent protection Rendering of Quaker Oats flood walldowntown.
  • Protects one of the nation's leading agricultural producers.
  • 2,100 linear feet of permanent flood wall.
  • Will ultimately protect to the 2008 flood volume.
  • Includes pump station upgrades, water transmission main relocation, and railroad closure gate.

8th Avenue Bridge & Riverfront Improvements

8th Ave bridge sketch_web

  • Construction: 2023+
  • Bridge remains open during floods
  • Fewer piers in river
  • Elevated 15 feet
  • Raised above 2008 volume
  • Flood wall
  • Pump station
  • Public gathering spaces
  • Complements Amphitheatre
  • Indoor/outdoor public space
  • Streetscaping/lighting
  • Trail
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