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Paving for Progress Now in Third Construction Season

The City of Cedar Rapids is planning to tackle more than 30 road improvement projects this season using the local option sales tax. The City is entering its third construction season in the Paving for Progress campaign, and has completed approximately 40 projects across the community to date (approximately 15 miles of roadway) and has invested approximately $26.2 million as of February 2016. All projects that were scheduled to be completed in fall 2015 were successfully completed.

The City anticipates spending approximately $18 million this construction season on road improvements utilizing the local option sales tax for streets.

The projected 2016 list of projects includes (approximately 8 miles of roadway):

  1. B Ave NW from Highland Dr to 8th St
  2. West Post Rd NW from Plainview to E Ave
  3. Oakland Rd NE from H Ave to J Ave
  4. 14th Ave SE from 36th St to 42nd St
  5. 7th St SE from 4th Ave to 12th Ave (also Two-Way Conversion)
  6. 8th Ave SW from L St SW to 7th St SW
  7. Seminole Valley Rd NE from Fords Crossing Rd to 42nd St NE Phase 1
  8. 42nd St NE from Edgewood Rd to RR
  9. Edgewood Rd SW from E Ave to F Ave
  10. 1st Ave Bridge over Cedar River
  11. 29th St Dr SE from 1st Ave to Tama St
  12. McCarthy Rd SE from 19th St to Memorial Dr SE
  13. Northwood Dr NE from South of Brookland Dr to 42nd St
  14. Leroy St SW from Johnson Ave to 1st Ave and Spencer Dr SW
  15. Park Place NE from Council St to North Park Place Lane
  16. 34th St NE from 1st Ave to west of F 
  17. 7th St SE from 10th Ave to 11th Ave
  18. Bayberry Dr SW from Cameo to Edgewood
  19. Bramble Rd SW from 29th Ave to 33rd Ave
  20. Burch Ave NW from 24th St to 19th St
  21. Cameo Ln SW from Pebble to 33rd Av
  22. Carriage Dr SW from Bramble to Chapel
  23. Chapel Dr SW from 29th to Bayberry
  24. Coral Ln SW from Cameo to Eden Ln
  25. Eden Ln SW from Bayberry to 33rd
  26. F Av NW from 4th St to Ellis Blvd
  27. F Av NE from Estroy to Old Marion
  28. Hazel Dr NE, from Elmhurst to House 1247
  29. Madison St NE from Glass to 29th St
  30. Pebble Dr SW from Chapel to Bramble
  31. 3rd St SW from 16th Ave to 19th Ave
  32. Mansfield Ave SE from 30th St to 31st St
Creating a Comprehensive Strategy for our Roads
Creating a strategic 10-year plan enables the City to allocate funding to the best and highest use, relying on a prioritization list that is data driven, impartial, and measurable.The Paving for Progress program, made possible by the one-percent local option sales tax, allows the City to utilize a pay-as-you-go funding source, rather than selling bonds and incurring debt. The City will collect updated pavement condition data on our streets and re-evaluate the plan every two years, to ensure the plan is supporting the best and highest use of funding.


Click below for an interactive map of upcoming projects:
An interactive map on our 10-year road campaign

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