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Parking & Street Signs

On-street parking is provided throughout the community as a service to residents. 

  • To request a change in parking restrictions or report a concern with existing parking restrictions, please call 319-286-5176. 
  • To report a parking violation, please contact the Police Department Dispatch at (319) 286-5491 or Police Traffic at (319) 286-5356.

On-Street Disabled Parking
Accessible on-street parking spaces may be reserved for persons with disabilities and may be requested by individuals who have a valid Persons with Disabilities Permit issued by the Iowa Department of Transportation. Parking in these stalls is not reserved solely for the individual who requested the space but is public parking spaces reserved for any individual obtaining a Persons with Disabilities Permit. 

  • To get a Persons with Disabilities Parking Permit: https://iowadot.gov/mvd/vehicleregistration/persons-with-disabilities
  • To request an accessible parking space adjacent to your house: Call 319-286-5176. You will be asked to provide your name, address, phone number, and Persons with Disabilities Parking Permit number.
  • Cost: The cost for 2 accessible parking signs on steel posts is $100.00
  • Fines: The fine for parking in a disabled parking space without a permit or with an expired permit is $200. Parking in a disabled parking space using a family member's permit is not permitted. 

Parking Restriction Signs
Parking restriction signs are used to govern the parking, stopping, and standing of vehicles. The Traffic Engineering Division is responsible for determining the parking restrictions on all public streets. Different signs are used for different types of parking restrictions. Call 319-286-5176 to request a parking restriction sign.

Speed Limit Signs
Speed limit signs are placed where speed limit zones change from one speed limit to another.  Speed zones are established based on engineering studies including analyses of speed distributions of free-flowing vehicles. View the Cedar Rapids Speed Limit Map

Yield and Stop Signs

  • Stop signs indicate where vehicles are always required to stop on an approach to an intersection.  This sign should be applied to approaches of an intersection if there is a high traffic volume, a restricted view from the approach, or a high crash history that could be corrected by a stop sign.
  • Yield signs assign right-of-way to traffic on certain approaches to an intersection.  Vehicles controlled by a yield sign need to slow down to a speed reasonable for existing conditions or stop if necessary to avoid interfering with conflicting traffic.

Street Name Signs
Street name signs are placed at every intersection in Cedar Rapids.  Public street name signs have a green background with white lettering and are maintained by the City.  Private street name signs have a red or blue background and white lettering and are not maintained by the City. 

Truck Route Signs
Truck routes may be designated throughout the City with "Truck Route" signs to indicate the streets which allow truck traffic. Many streets in Cedar Rapids do not accommodate truck traffic due to street width, surrounding land uses, pedestrian activity, etc., these routes are indicated with a "Not a Truck Route" sign. 

After Hours:
If you need immediate assistance to report malfunctioning traffic signals, traffic sign repairs, or deficient construction traffic controls, please call the Police Department Dispatch at (319) 286-5491

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