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Two-Way Conversions

Work is underway to remove the inconsistent one-way/two-way street network downtown and transition all downtown streets to two-way travel. This will make the downtown and surrounding districts easier to navigate and help reduce confusion.  Two-way streets also help encourage slower travel speeds, and allow for pedestrian and bike accommodations. 

Project update: August 14, 2018

4th Avenue SE downtown is now open to two-way traffic. This completes the conversion work for the 2018 construction season.

The project on 4th Avenue between 3rd Street and 5th Street SE included new safety gates and crossing arms at the 4th Street railroad tracks, roadway resurfacing and conversion to two-way traffic, pedestrian bump outs, sidewalk improvements, a new crosswalk in front of the library, bike lanes, and transitioning from angle to parallel parking.

The 3rd Avenue conversion project is scheduled for 2019.

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2018 Downtown Projects

2nd Avenue SE, from 1st Street SE to 8th Street SE - COMPLETE

  • Two-way conversion
  • Milling, resurfacing
  • Traffic signal removals
  • ADA / Sidewalk improvement
  • Bike lanes
  • Parallel parking remains 
  • Completed Last Year: Pedestrian bump-outs at two intersections

3rd Avenue Bridge - BEGINS EARLY AUGUST 2018

  • Transition from angle to parallel parking
  • Milling, resurfacing
  • Protected bike lane 
  • Possible aesthetics such as trees/planters (2019)

4th and 5th Avenue SE, from 3rd Street to 5th Street - COMPLETE 

  • Two-way conversion
  • Milling, resurfacing 
  • Pedestrian bump-outs at four intersections
  • ADA / Sidewalk improvements
  • 4th Ave bike lanes
  • 4th Ave transitions from angle to parallel parking 

5th Street SE, from 4th Avenue to 5th Avenue - UNDERWAY

  • Storm sewer replacement
  • Pavement resurfacing 
  • Pedestrian bump-outs at 5th St/5th Ave and at 5th St/4th Ave

Conversions Scheduled for 2019

  • 3rd Avenue SE, from 3rd Street to 8th Street
  • 3rd Avenue SE, from 12th Street to 19th Street

Railroad Crossings
Continued collaboration with Union Pacific Railroad means that safety improvements will also take place this year and next at the railroad crossings, including the construction of new arms and gates. These are necessary to support two-way traffic and will also help secure a quiet zone. 

Installation of Railroad Gates & Crossing Arms 
Construction and timeline governed by the railroad

  • 2nd Avenue, 4th Avenue, 5th Avenue | Spring/Summer 2018
  • 3rd Avenue | 2019 
  • 1st Avenue | 2019 - 2020

Following the completion of the installation of gates and crossing arms, the City will apply for a Quiet Zone Designation. While not all train horns will be eliminated due to federal safety requirements, the noise level will be substantially reduced. 

Benefits of Two-Way Travel:

  • Easier to navigate
  • Slower traffic speeds
  • Increase in pedestrian safety and activity
  • Support for residential, downtown living
  • Increase in retail
  • Opportunity to bike, drive, or walk 

Pedestrian Safety | Painted Islandspainted pedestrian areas downtown

  • Reduces walking distance for pedestrians. 
  • Increases visibility for those trying to cross the street. 

Protected Bike Lanes on 3rd Avenue

  • 3rd Avenue is a primary bicycle route. 
  • Protected bike lanes separate cyclists from moving Protected bike lane with signagevehicles
  • They create a more comfortable experience for those riding bikes, and decrease incidents of “dooring.”

Traffic Signals 

  • Signals in the downtown area that have been removed do not meet traffic warrants, which means traffic could be accommodated comfortably by stop signs.
  • Stop signs also help eliminate unnecessary idling and the yielding that comes with waiting for oncoming traffic.
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