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Contact Email Phone
Paving for Progress pavingforprogress@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5776
Construction Engineering engineering@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5776
Right of Way Inspection v.dougherty@cedar-rapids.org 319-521-5863
Sidewalk Repair Program sidewalks@cedar-rapids.org  319-286-5778
Real Estate realestate@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5777
Sewer Maintenance/Flash Flooding sewer@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5815
Street Maintenance street@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5826
Traffic Engineering traffic@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5176
Forestry forestry@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5747
Cedar River Flood Control Project floodcontrol@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5777
Public Works Director Jen Winter j.winter@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5802
City Engineer Nate Kampman n.kampman@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5802
Cedar River Flood Control Program Manager Rob Davis RobD@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5808
Streets Operations Manager Mike Duffy m.duffy@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5873
Sewer Operations Manager Justin Koller j.koller@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5856
City Traffic Engineer Matt Myers m.myers@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5718
Real Estate Services Manager Rita Rasmussen r.rita@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5807
Sanitary/Storm Sewer Program Manager Dave Wallace davidw@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5814
Paving for Progress Program Manager Doug Wilson d.wilson@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5141
Construction Manager Justin Holland j.holland@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5766

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