Public Works

Completed Segments

Northwest Gateway & Memorial Plaza Rendering of plaza
  • Completed: June 2018
  • Situated along O Avenue & Ellis Blvd NW.
  • Includes greenway space, benches, and a memorial wall.
  • The plaza also features a distinctive gateway that welcomes residents and visitors to the site. 
  • Privately-funded "West Side Rising" sculpture pays tribute to neighborhood recovery and persistence

Lot 44 Pump Station
 Rendering of brick pump house
  • Construction: 2016–Spring 2018
  • Located between 8th and 12th Avenues NE in New Bohemia District. 
  • Pumping capacity: 12,000 gallons per minute at opening, with capacity for expansion.
  • Aesthetics designed to complement character of neighboring district.
  • Includes gate to prevent the river from backing up into the neighborhood through storm sewers.
  • Protects community from rain inundation by pumping rainwater back into the Cedar River.


Sinclair / NewBo Levee 

  • Stretches from the African American Museum to Alliant Substation.Sinclair Levee
  • Just under ½ mile long.
  • 13–23 feet tall on average, 130 feet at its widest.
  • Provides immediate protection of a river surge up to 20 feet; protection to 2008 volume upon Flood Control System completion.
  • Includes a 12 foot wide concrete bike and pedestrian trail.
  • Includes walls next to 16th Avenue NE for a future gate.


Sinclair Detention Basin 

  • Construction: 2016 – 2017, grading/aesthetics 2018 Sinclair Detention Basin
  • 4.4 acres, used to store excess rain water until it can be safely pumped back into the river
  • Can safely store rainwater up to 4 feet deep
  • Includes paved lot for excess snow storage during snow removal efforts 


Sinclair Pump Station 
Sinclair Pump Station

  • Sized for 3 pumps
  • Capacity of 2,500 gallons per minute at opening, with expansion capability
  • Used when underground flood gates are closed and rain water needs to be pumped back into the river


CRST Riverwalk 
Rendering of CRST riverwalk

  • Provides a pedestrian walkway along the Cedar River between 2nd and 3rd Avenues

McGrath Amphitheatre

  • Recreation blended with protection.
  • Designed to take on water, the amphitheater
    also provides a signature outdoor concert and event venue.Amphitheatre

Reducing Our Flood Risk
Since 2008, the City has significantly reduced its flood risk. A history of risk reduction efforts includes

  • Developed interim flood control plan
  • Removed 1,300+ properties from the flood zone
  • Adopted new flood insurance rate maps
  • Updated Floodplain Management Ordinance
  • Secured GRI state funding of $267M
  • Improved sanitary sewers and raised the City’s wells
  • Upgraded and protected the Water Pollution Control Facility
  • Completed interim levee repairs
  • Raised buildings flooded in 2008
  • Raised two bridges over Prairie Creek
  • Designed and constructed the McGrath Amphitheatre levee
  • Designed the CRST building to include a flood wall
  • Completed improvements to the sanitary sewer system and watershed management practices.
  • Sanitary sewer and watershed management improvements (ongoing) 

Completed since Master Plan was adopted:

  • CRST Riverwalk
  • Sinclair Pump Station
  • Sinclair Detention Basin
  • Sinclair/NewBo Levee
  • Lot 44 Pump Station
  • Northwest Gateway & Memorial Plaza
What's Happened Since 2008?

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