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Public Works Department
500 15th Avenue SW
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Phone Number: (319) 286-5802
Fax Number: (319) 774-5653
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Monday - Friday 
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After Hours:
If you need immediate assistance to report malfunctioning traffic signals, traffic sign repairs, or deficient construction traffic controls, please call the Police Department Dispatch at (319) 286-5491

Learn More About Cycling Efforts in our Community

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Points of Pride

  • Cedar Rapids was named a Bicycle Friendly Community in 2014 by the League of American Bicyclists
  • Cedar Rapids has added more than 20 miles of bikeways since 2008
  • Cedar Rapids was the 1st in Iowa to install green bike lanes 
  • Cedar Rapids was the 1st in Iowa to install protected bike lanes 

Ride the Districts!

D5 Ride

Join Cedar Rapids' first-ever District Ride.

Please RSVP to this event. The first 30 cyclists to register by July 6th get a free shirt!

Explore bicycle infrastructure in Cedar Rapids City Council District 5—the southwest side of Cedar Rapids—with stops at:

9 AM | Meet at McGrath Amphitheatre
Learn about the future of flood control on the west-side of the Cedar River
| Beverly Park
A very scenic park dedicated to mountain biking but open to everyone.
| Lunch at The Hotel at Kirkwood Center
Experience the expertise of the fine chefs at Kirkwood Community College
| The Shack Tavern
A quick stop to check out one of Cedar Rapids' best-kept secrets.
| Quinton's Bar and Deli
After party!

The total ride length is 21 miles at a moderate pace, open to everyone.

The exact ride path can be found at:

Bicycles and Pedestrians

As a Healthy Hometown community, Cedar Rapids continues to focus on permanent environmental and policy changes that will support quality of life issues such as easy movement. Bike-friendly communities also attract a younger workforce and more diverse retail. 

Under Iowa law, bicyclists have a right to use the road and, at the same time, bicyclists must follow the same rules of the road as motorists.

Bike Symbols 

Green Bike Lanesgreen bike lane on road

  • What it means: The green increases visibility of the intersection and alerts motorists and cyclists to potential areas of conflict. Motorists must first yield to cyclists prior to passing through a green bike lane. Learn more about green bike lanes. 

  • Where to find them: Visible on 3rd Street and 3rd Avenue SE, and 42nd Street NE.

Sharrows & Super SharrowsSuper Sharrow bike symbol on road

  • What it means: Indicates a “Shared Use Lane.” Helps identify where people riding bikes should safely be positioned on the road in order to avoid “dooring,” and reminds drivers to watch for bikes. Motorists may drive their vehicles as normal but should give cyclists at least three feet when passing. 

  • Where to find them: Sharrows are visible on Bever Avenue SE. Super Sharrows are visible on 4th Avenue SE.

Protected Bike LanesProtected bike lane downtown

  • What it means: A cyclist is protected from the travel lane by planters, curbs, or parked vehicles. Protected bike lanes separate cyclists from moving vehicles, create a more comfortable experience for those riding bikes, and decrease incidents of “dooring.”  More info on the benefits of protected bike lanes can be found on PeopleforBikes.Org

  • Where to find them: A parking protected bike lane appears on 3rd Avenue, between 6th Street SW and 3rd Street SE.

How do Protected Bike Lanes Work?

Making Turns

For Motorists: Entering Bike Lanes 
After yielding to bikes, drivers may use the bike lane to make turns or other maneuvers. It's okay for drivers to enter bike lanes:

  • When making a right-hand turn up to 50 feet from the intersection (approximately 2 parallel parking spaces)
  • When they are pulling into driveways
  • When they are crossing the bike lane to park.
  • Buses can also temporarily move into the green bike lane when dropping off and picking up passengers.
  • Drivers must yield to cyclists

Rendering of bike lane turn

For Cyclists: Using Green Turn Box 

The bike lanes on 3rd Avenue SE include a green turn box at intersections. Green turn boxes assist cyclists in making safe left-hand turns. Instructions for making a left-hand turn on a bike: 

  1. When approaching the intersection, pull forward and position yourself in the green turn box.
  2. Wait at the green box until the next green light, then pull forward and continue through the intersection.

Diagram showing left hand turns


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