The Cedar Rapids Police Department provides crime statistics to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and also produces reports for Neighborhood Associations and the general public to learn more about criminal activity in our community.

Here are the latest crime activity reports:

System Link to FBI web site comparing Cedar Rapids to other communities in the United States:

Federal Bureau of Investigation - Uniform Crime Reports

Cedar Rapids Crime Report Activity Comparison:

Year Totals (2015-2017)

Crime Statistics by Category (Violent Crime, Property Crime, Other Crime)

Current Year Comparisons to Previous Year:

January 2018 vs. January 2017

January-December 2017 vs. January-December 2016

January-November 2017 vs. January-November 2016

January-October 2017 vs. January-October 2016

January-September 2017 vs. January-September 2016 

January-August 2017 vs. January-August 2016

January-July 2017 vs. January-July 2016

January-June 2017 vs. January-June 2016

January-May 2017 vs. January-May 2016

January-April 2017 vs. January-April 2016

January-March 2017 vs. January-March 2016

January-February 2017 vs. January-February 2016

January 2017 vs. January 2016

Shots Fired Incident Summary (Shots fired includes incidents in which a person was injured, property was damaged, or shell casings were found)

Shots Fired Incident Summary (2008 - January 2018)


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