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Automated traffic enforcement (ATE) is one of many safety countermeasures that can be used to enhance roadway safety. Automated enforcement may involve the enforcement of red-light running violations and speed limit violations. The city of Cedar Rapids uses ATE systems to enforce red-light running and speed violations at three signalized intersections on the primary highway system. In addition, the City uses ATE systems to enforce speed violations at four locations along United States Interstate 380 (I-380).

If you receive a violation notice in the mail, please follow the instructions included with the citation for the proper procedures to review the violation, pay the citation, or appeal.

If you have further questions, please email the Cedar Rapids Police Department at atecedarrapids@cedar-rapids.org.  Email is the most efficient form of communication for Automated Traffic Enforcement issues.  You may also call 319-286-5513.

Automated Traffic Enforcement Ordinance

The City of Cedar Rapids enacted the Automated Traffic Enforcement Ordinance in 2009.

Speed and Red Light Monitoring Equipment
Learn more about the equipment used to capture and record a speed or red light violation. Please note that the photographs are representations of types of equipment that are used, but may not be the actual model currently in use.  The technology and function is similar amongst models shown and those actually used.

Calibration Reports
Learn more about the annual calibration confirmations at each intersection and lane.

I-380 Signage in Cedar Rapids
Proper signage has been posted along U.S. Interstate 380 in relation to speed limit signs and camera locations.

Automated Traffic Enforcement Camera Locations
Learn about the location of each of the automated traffic enforcement cameras in Cedar Rapids.

Safety Camera Technology
Learn more about the safety camera technology and how these cameras work, including calibration and accuracy. Statement of Technology

Municipal Infraction Form
This form may be used by an individual who wants to appeal the results of an administrative hearing or elects not to have an administrative hearing (and instead wants to go to court).  The completed and returned form transfers the citation to District Court, Small Claims Division.

City Appeal of DOT Decision
The City Council approved the Police Department recommendation to appeal the March 2015 DOT decision to remove and relocate traffic cameras. Appeal documents and the DOT report are available for public review.

2015 Annual Report to the Iowa Department of Transportation

2016 Annual Report to the Iowa Department of Transportation

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