A license is required by the city and the state to operate any business or organization that serves alcoholic beverages, including catering services, drinking establishments and private clubs.

The alcoholic beverage licensing process in Cedar Rapids is a cooperative effort between the license applicant, local authority (City of Cedar Rapids), and the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division.

Applicants must complete two sets of applications - one copy (electronically) for the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division and one copy for the local authority (city). All questions must be answered even if the applicant feels the information is unimportant or does not apply to them. Applications ask only for information necessary to determine whether or not the applicant and the proposed premises meet legal licensing requirements.

The City and the Alcoholic Beverage Division encourage license applicants to complete their own applications. If the applicant relies on an insurance agent or another party to complete the application, the applicant must verify the information before signing the application. False or misrepresented information may result in license denial.

The licensing process includes review by the City Clerk’s Office, Police, Fire, Health and Building Code Departments with final approval from the City Council, in accordance with State code, at a regularly scheduled Council meeting. Once approved by the City Council, the application will be forwarded electronically to the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division for final approval and issuance. The process takes approximately one month to complete.



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