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Mary Moore, HR Specialist I - Safety & Wellness MaryM@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5107
Marilyn Fitzgerald, Occupational Health Specialist MarilynF@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5056
Jennifer Stefani, Occupational Health Specialist j.stefani@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5059
Molly Bagby, HR Specialist II - Benefits M.Bagby@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5702
Jenelle Sisneros, Recruiting Program Manager J.Sisneros@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5001
Shawna Ray, HR Specialist II - Recruiting S.Ray@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5138
Jan Rushford, Organizational Development Program Manager j.rushford@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5106
Heath Halverson, Classification and Labor Relations Program Manager H.Halverson@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5110
Donna Peck, HR Specialist II - Employee Records D.Peck@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5111
Amanda Felton, HR Specialist II - Organizational Development a.felton@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5094
Dave Beastrom, Employee Safety Program Manager david.beastrom@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5114
Bonnie Pisark, Benefits Program Manager b.pisarik@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5078
Cindy McMillen, HR Specialist I c.mcmillen@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5148
Conni Huber, Human Resources Director c.huber@cedar-rapids.org 319-286-5019

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