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The information provided is a general overview of the comprehensive benefits offered by the City of Cedar Rapids.  Please contact Human Resources for clarification or questions regarding benefits.

Health Insurance
Comprehensive health care coverage is available to benefit-eligible full-time and part-time employees. The City of Cedar Rapids health insurance plan is self-funded, and administered by Wellmark.       

The plan design is a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO).
  • Co-insurance:     Participating providers - 90% plan / 10% employee     Non-participating providers - 80% plan / 20% employee
  • Prescription drug card:  10% co-insurance for generic; 25% co-insurance for brand formulary; 40% co-insurance for non-brand formulary
  • Benefit period is based on calendar year
  • Employee premiums are pro-rated for part-time employees (scheduled to work 20 hours per week or more)
  • Refer to Benefit Summaries  for additional information 
  • Refer to Health Insurance Summary of Benefits and Coverage
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Dental Insurance
Dental coverage is available to benefit eligible full-time and part-time employees.  The City of Cedar Rapids dental plan is self-funded, and administered by Delta Dental of Iowa.
  • 100% routine diagnostic and preventative services (2 per year) covered
  • 80% routine restorative services covered without deductible
  • 50% major restorative services covered after deductible
  • $1,000 maximum benefit per individual per benefit year for all services
  • Orthodontics apply to dependents under age 19, with maximum lifetime benefit of $750 over 2-year period  
  • Benefit period is based on calendar year
  • Employee premiums are pro-rated for part-time employees (scheduled to work 20 hours per week or more)
  • Refer to Benefit Summaries  for additional information
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Flex Leave
(Not applicable to AFSCME and Fire Bargaining units.)

Combines traditional leaves (vacation, sick leave, funeral leave, personal days) into "paid-time-off" accounts. Accounts include:
  • Flex Leave - monthly accrual, enriched accrual schedule for salaried positions
  • Refer to Benefit Summaries  for accrual rates
  • Long-Term Illness and Injury - used for extended illness or injury of employee.  Coordinates with long-term disability insurance.
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Educational Assistance
Available to full-time non-bargaining employees who have completed a probationary period. Coursework must be at accredited institution. Covers degree program, or position-related course. Covers tuition and books at 60% up to maximum of $1,700 per calendar year. Requires grade "C" or above for reimbursement. Reimbursement required for payments made in previous 12 months in event of resignation.

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Life Insurance
  • Base Life Insurance policy of $25,000 at no cost to the employee
  • Supplemental Life Insurance policy paid by employee; 5x annual salary up to maximum cap of $500,000
  • Spousal Life Insurance Rider available if enrolled in Supplemental Life Insurance;  Employee premiums vary
  • Dependent/Child Life Insurance available ($1000, $5000, $10,000);  Employee premiums vary according to coverage amount
  • Benefit Certificate
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Long-Term Disability Insurance
The Long-Term Disability insurance is offered to the employee at no charge.  This is an income replacement benefit used for an illness or injury of employee.
  • 90 calendar day waiting period before benefit payments begin
  • This benefit will pay 66 2/3% of gross salary, minimum $50/month
  • Offset for other disability payments (i.e. social security disability)
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Iowa Public Employees Retirement System (IPERS)
  • Defined benefit plan
  • Membership mandatory
  • State-administered system (does not cover Police & Fire personnel)
  • Contributions:     Employee - 5.95%     City - 8.93%
  • Vested at seven years
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Municipal Fire & Police Retirement System of Iowa (MFPRSI)
  • Covers Police and Fire civil service
  • State-administered system
  • Contributions:     Employee - 9.4%     City - 25.92%
  • Vested at four years
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Deferred Compensation (IRS Section 457)
Voluntary employee-funded retirement savings program based on salary deferral.  Taxes paid at time of funds distribution.
  • Federal/State tax deferred
  • Minimum deferral - $10 bi-weekly; maximum contributions as defined by current law
  • Choice of providers and investment options
  • Employer Match available for Bargaining unit employees
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  • Semi-annual payments recognize long-term service
  • Payments are pro-rated for eligible part-time employees
  • Refer to Benefit Summaries  for additional information 
    Years of Service Monthly Payment
     5  $20
     10  $40
     15  $60
     20  $80
     25  $100
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Employee Recognition Program
This program includes length of service awards, retirement awards, customer service and other recognition activities.

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Employee Assistance Program
  • Provides no-cost counseling and referral services to employees and family members for marital, financial, mental, substance abuse, legal or other concerns.
  • 5 sessions per member (June-May)
  • City pays 100%
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Benefit Summaries by Classification/Unit
To view current benefit summaries, click the link(s) provided below:
AFSCME Choice Plan Traditional Plan
Airport Maintenance Choice Plan Traditional Plan
Airport Non-Bargaining Choice Plan Traditional Plan
Airport Safety Choice Plan Traditional Plan
Fire Choice Plan Traditional Plan
Joint Communications Choice Plan Traditional Plan
Library Bargaining Choice Plan Traditional Plan
Library Non-Bargaining Choice Plan Traditional Plan
Non-Bargaining Choice Plan Traditional Plan
Police Choice Plan Traditional Plan
Transit Choice Plan Traditional Plan
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Health Insurance Summary of Benefits and Coverage
To view the current contract for each bargaining unit click the link(s) provided below:
Choice Plan Traditional Plans


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