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Who is the Corridor MPO?

Creating Sustainable Communities Through Regional Planning & Civic Engagement

The Corridor Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is an organization made up of elected officials and appointed representatives of Cedar Rapids, Linn County, Marion, Hiawatha, Robins, Ely, Fairfax, and Palo. Representation on Corridor MPO is based on population for the participating cities and county, and includes at least one elected official from each governing body. Each city and county may have one member for each 10% of the total Planning Area population, based on the latest Federal Census. Additionally, no member jurisdiction may have more than 50% of the voting representation on the Policy Board.  Each member jurisdiction contributes to the local share of the Corridor MPO’s budget.

What is an MPO?

A Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is an entity composed of local elected officials and state agency representatives that is tasked with reviewing and approving transportation investments in a metropolitan area. In order for areas with a population over 50,000 to receive federal highway aid, the Highway Act of 1962 required the development of a transportation planning process that was continuing, comprehensive, and carried out in a cooperative or coordinated manner. MPOs were created as part of the 1973 Highway Act in order to carry out this 3-C planning process, which has been the guiding principle of metropolitan planning.

Our Goals

(Adopted September 17, 2009)

  1. Provide clear, transparent, and timely information to metropolitan stakeholders.
  2. Establish policies to ensure the development of a safe and efficient metropolitan transportation system accessible to all users.
  3. Establish policies, practices, and incentives to increase “quality of life” investments in the metropolitan area.
  4. Advocate metropolitan area priorities/issues at the local, state, and federal levels.
  5. Identify, develop, and establish sustainable tools to be utilized by the Corridor MPO.

Corridor Metropolitan Planning Organization Membership

Member Name Jurisdiction
John Bender - Chair Marion

Mayor Chuck Hinz - Vice Chair


Councilmember Scott Olson Cedar Rapids

Councilmember Scott Overland

Cedar Rapids
Councilmember Ralph Russell Cedar Rapids
Councilmember Susie Weinacht Cedar Rapids
Sandi Fowler Cedar Rapids

Roy Hesemann

Cedar Rapids

Jeff Pomeranz Cedar Rapids
Jen Winter Cedar Rapids
Mayor Eldy Miller Ely
Mayor Bernie Frieden Fairfax
Mayor Bill Bennett Hiawatha
Mayor Nick AbouAssaly Marion
Supervisor Brent Oleson Linn County
Mayor Tom Yock Palo

We Want to Speak with YOUR Club, Organization, or Class!

Corridor Metropolitan Planning Organization staff would like the opportunity to speak with your club, organization, or class about the following metro area subjects: 

  • Transportation planning (roadways, railroads, airport, transit, trails, sidewalks)
  • Traffic planning (designation and improvement of major streets and intersections)
  • Forecasting population and employment
  • Growth and annexation
  • Utilities (sanitary sewer and water)

Please contact Corridor MPO at (319) 286-5041 or email us to arrange a speaker for your group (please use the Leave a Comment form below)

Corridor MPO Staff

Jennifer Pratt - Executive Director
(319) 286-5047

William Micheel  - Assistant Director Community Development
(319) 286-5045 

Brandon Whyte - Multimodal Transportation Planner
(319) 286-5299 

Hilary Hershner - Regional Transportation Planner
(319) 286-5161

Anne Kroll - Administrative Assistant 
(319) 286-5331

Contact Us

Corridor MPO

101 First Street SE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52401
Phone: (319) 286-5041

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