2045 Long Range Transportation Plan

What is the 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP)?

The LRTP is a long-range document that addresses federal requirements and serves as a transportation investment guide. It is a federally required plan for all Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs), like the  Corridor MPO, as part of their transportation planning process. The LRTP forecasts the demand for transportation infrastructure and services to the 2045 horizon year, considering social and economic changes likely to occur during this 25 year period. The LRTP has an important role in outlining the existing statues and future needs of our region's transportation system.

Stakeholder involvement and public input are crucial during the development of the plan, as it helps guide the priorities and projects that will be submitted for federal funding in the Corridor MPO's annual Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).

How you can provide comment on the 2045 LRTP

Anyone from the public is welcome to comment on the Draft 2045 LRTP. The Corridor MPO has officially opened up a 30-day public comment period that will expire on July 15, 2020. Comments must be submitted on or before that date.

To view the Draft 2045 LRTP, click here:
Draft 2045 LRTP

To provide official comment on the draft 2045 LRTP, download and fill out the public comment form:
Draft 2045 LRTP Public Comment Form

Please email your public comments on the Draft 2045 LRTP to e.darnall@corridormpo.com

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