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Cedar Rapids Employee Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Team

The mission of the CR Employee Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Team is to create and sustain an inclusive environment that reflects the community we serve and where all employees feel valued. 

The purpose of the CR Employee Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Team is to create, maintain and promote opportunities that enhance diversity, inclusion and equity within the City. 

The goals of the CR Employee Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Team are to establish standards that promote respect, trust, patience, tolerance and lead with an open mind. 

The responsibilities of the CR Employee Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Team include:

  • Tracking and measuring population demographics against City employee demographics. 
  • Evaluate and recommend ways to attract, retain and provide for a diverse employee population. 
  • Sponsor events and trainings that promote diversity in thinking and attitude. 
  • Promote diversity, inclusion and equity through mentoring and modeling behavior. 
  • Maintain an open mind and listening atmosphere where all employees feel welcome and appreciated. 

"Diversity is an integral part of the City of Cedar Rapids’ organizational objectives. Recruiting and retaining a diverse, inclusive group of employees creates a City organization that reflect the world around us, and makes our team better able to develop fresh ideas that will meet the needs of the entire community. Diversity drives innovation, increases creativity, helps to retain quality employees, and allows us to serve our residents in the most effective way possible. Increasing workforce diversity isn’t just the right thing to do; it’s the smart thing to do. Cedar Rapids is a more vibrant, inviting community when we embrace the many qualities that make us different."

- Jeff Pomeranz,
Cedar Rapids City Manager

Chief Diversity Officer
LaSheilaCedar Rapids Civil Rights Executive Director, LaSheila Yates, serves as the City's Chief Diversity Officer and is an advisor to the City Manager on issues of equity and diversity. The Chief Diversity Officer also coordinates with the Human Resources Director on the City's internal diversity efforts and initiatives. LaSheila is the lead facilitator of the Cedar Rapids Employee Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Team.
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