Contact First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Administration Kevin Ciabatti Director of Building Services 319-286-5841
Nuisance Complaints 319-286-5838
Administration John Riggs Manager of Housing/Nuisance 319-286-5981
Administration Duncan McCallum Manager of Building Trades 319-286-5723
Building Mike Sedlacek Chief Building Inspector 319-286-5837
Electrical Mike Lough Chief Electrical Inspector 319-286-5834
Mechanical Randy Croft Chief Mechanical Inspector 319-286-5833
Plumbing Aaron Morrison Chief Plumbing Inspector 319-286-5832
Administration Lyn Wedemeier Plans Examiner 319-286-5165
Administration 319-286-5831
Administration Dawn Kolosik Administrative Assistant II 319-286-5577
Administration Sara Thomas Administrative Assistant I 319-286-5169
Housing Al Pansegrau Chief Housing Inspector 319-286-5198
Administration Diana Brown-Sellman Permit Technician 319-286-5545
Administration Roni Messer Permit Technician 319-286-5535
Building Daryl Carson Building Inspector 319-286-5186
Building Tim Miller Building Inspector 319-286-5837
Building Lucas Pump Building Inspector 319-286-5246
Building Aaron Dodds Building Inspector 319-286-5625
Electrical Chris Lauderdale Electrical Inspector 319-286-5416
Mechanical Dave Lesmeister Mechanical Inspector 319-286-5833
Plumbing Mike Feuerbach Plumbing Inspector 319-286-5832
Housing Shannon Day Administrative Assistant I 319-286-5103
Housing Nena Adams Housing Inspector 319-286-5603
Housing Ryan Simon Housing Inspector 319-286-5602
BSD Enforcement Carl Lantermans Nuisance Abatement Officer 319-286-5199
BSD Enforcement Dennis Seemann Code Enforcement Officer 319-286-5345
BSD Enforcement Amra Watkins Zoning Inspector 319-286-5251
BSD Enforcement Deanna Thomas Zoning Inspector 319-286-5164
Permit Technicians 319-286-5939
Housing Sara Derby Housing Inspector 319-286-5190
Housing (Rental Properties) 319-286-5197
Housing Tamera Augustine Housing Inspector 319-286-5180
BSD Enforcement Denise King-Filip Nuisance Abatement Officer 319-286-5557
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