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The City of Cedar Rapids has launched a survey to seek feedback from residents as we work to establish the framework for an independent Citizen Review Board (CRB). Residents can take the survey through September 30, 2020. 


Those unable to access the survey electronically can contact the Community Development Department at 319-286-5041, and a paper copy of the survey will be mailed to you. Paper copies are also available at the Ground Transportation Center (450 1st Street SE). 

What is a Citizen Review Board?

A Citizen Review Board is an independent body created to influence and change police practices to ensure community law enforcement is effective and responsive to the standards, values, and needs of those to be served. There are approximately 150 Citizen Review Boards currently across the United States, each with a different emphasis and activities conducted. As the Cedar Rapids CRB is developed, it will be important to build support and tailor the CRB to the specific needs of our community.  

The goal of the Cedar Rapids Citizen Review Board (CRB) is to ensure public safety accountability, bolster confidence in police, increase and improve public cooperation, and make our community safer for everyone. In order to ensure success of the program, the City is working to develop a model that follows best practices from around the country, while also taking into account the unique needs of the Cedar Rapids community.

How was the Survey Developed?
The City worked with members of Advocates for Social Justice and the National Research Center to develop the custom survey for Cedar Rapids residents. This is one of several ways to engage the public and begin the community conversation.

How else is the City Collecting Feedback?
Focus groups are also being conducted. Community members and groups are being asked to participate in these important discussions throughout the month of August.


Resolution of Support for Black Lives Matter & Advocates
Cedar Rapids City Council passed a resolution on June 19, 2020 officially declaring their support and commitment to addressing priorities brought to the City through the local Black Lives Matter Movement and Advocates for Social Justice. At the meeting, City Council approved and agreed to move forward on all seven priorities, with establishment of a Citizen Review Board being agreed upon by both groups as the highest priority to implement quickly. A copy of the resolution can be found on the city’s website..

Public Engagement Framework
The City has developed a 90-day plan for public engagement to establish the framework for an independent Citizen Review Board (CRB). The process will encompass three phases: Process Development, Public Engagement, and Results/Recommendations. Presentations regarding progress for City Council and the public will take place on July 28, August 25 and September 22 (or at a Council special meeting in September).

90-Day Action Plan

The Citizen Review Board will impact all Cedar Rapids residents, so we want to be sure it is developed with input from our entire community. 

In addition to the Citizen Review Board survey linked above, residents may submit input and ideas directly to City Council using the form below.



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