City Boards and Commissions

The Cedar Rapids Board of Review is appointed by the Cedar Rapids Conference Board and consists of five members.  The length of term is six years which are served in staggered terms.

The occupations of the members must be considered before appointment.  The membership should include someone involved in the sale of real estate and someone who is connected with either architecture or construction.  However, no more than two persons involved in the same occupation can be appointed to the board.

The following are members of the Cedar Rapids Board of Review (all terms expire on December 31st):

  • Sarah Coleman - term expires 2019
  • Babette "Babs" Haggin Roy - term expires 2019
  • Steve Erusha - term expires 2020
  • David Liesveld - term expires 2021
  • Alyn Johnson - term expires 2022
The Cedar Rapids Board of Review is empowered with these responsibilities by law:

  • Act upon any and all protests that meet the statutory criteria filed by taxpayers or taxing districts;
  • Review and equalize assessments established by the assessor;
  • Subpoena witnesses and administer oaths;
  • Add to the assessment rolls for taxation any property which the board believes has been erroneously exempted from taxation.  Revocation of a property tax exemption commences with the assessment for the current assessment year, and is not to be applied to prior assessment years, and
  • Add to the assessment rolls any property omitted by the assessor.
Further information on the duties and responsibilies of the Board of Review can be found by clicking here.

Contact information:
City Assessor's Office
City Services Center
500 15th Ave SW
Cedar Rapids, IA  52404
Phone: 319-286-5888
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