Paving for Progress Campaign

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This summer and early fall, residents will start to see signs of progress on their streets. Last November, when voters approved a 1-percent local option sales tax on road improvements, City engineers quickly pulled together a list of quick-start projects that could be completed within the first construction cycle of the 10-year campaign.
The goal is to take advantage of every available warm month to complete projects of less complexity, allowing the City to start making immediate improvements while also prioritizing a list of more complex projects to tackle over the next 10 years.
The campaign – Paving for Progress – will capitalize on $180 million in new revenue, set aside solely for the maintenance, repair, construction and reconstruction of public streets.
Projected list of 2014 quick-start initiatives: 
  • 13th Street NW from A Avenue to B Avenue
  • E Avenue NW from Stoney Point Road to Rock Valley
  • Ellis Lane NW, Ellis Blvd to 8th Street NW
  • 17th Street SW from 1st Avenue to 10th Avenue
  • West Post Road SW from Ruhd Street to 16th Avenue
  • Wilson Avenue SW from West Post Road to Troy Street
  • Hawkeye Downs Road SW from 6th Street to J Street
  • Boyson Road NE Improvements from C Avenue to Brentwood Drive
  • Kiowa Trace NE, 6821 to 7015 Residences
  • Oakland Rd NE from E Ave to H Ave
  • Blairs Ferry Rd NE from W. of Miller Ave to W to Wayside Circle Dr
  • Prairie Drive NE from 27th Street to Mount Mercy entrance
  • Glass Road NE from Edgewood Road to Wenig Road
  • Northbrook Drive NE from Boxwood Lane to Laurel Lane NE
  • 19th Street SE from 5th Avenue to Bever Avenue
  • 19th Street SE from Mount Vernon Road to Garden Drive
  • Bever Avenue SE from 3rd Avenue to 19th Street
  • Bever Avenue SE from 22nd Street to Memorial Drive
  • Garden Drive SE from Grande Avenue to Washington Avenue
  • Broadview Drive SE from Green Valley Terrace to Lawndale Drive

2014 or 2015 initiatives (final schedule TBD from contractor):

  • Edgewood Road and Wiley Blvd SW from Williams Boulevard to 16th Avenue
  • Wiley Blvd SW from William Boulevard to 16th Avenue
  • Diagonal Drive SW from Interstate 380 to West 8th Avenue Bridge Approach
  • 3rd Avenue SW from 6th Street to 10th Street
  • Coe Road NE from Center Point Road to A Avenue
  • 11th Avenue SE from 3rd Street to 4th Street

Projected list of 2015 initiatives:

  • West Post Road NW from Gordon Avenue to E Avenue
  • Midway Drive NW from West Post Road to Wiley Boulevard
  • B Avenue NW from Highland Drive to 8th Street
  • Edgewood Road NW from Johnson Avenue to E Avenue
  • Northwood Drive NE from Glass Road to 42nd Street
  • 42nd Street NE from I380 to Wenig Road
  • C Avenue NE from Collins Road to 40th Street
  • Memorial Drive SE from Mount Vernon Road to Bever Avenue
  • 7th Street SE from A Avenue to 8th Avenue
  • 8th Street SE from 3rd Avenue to 8th Avenue
  • 4th Avenue SE from 6th Street to 19th Street
  • 8th Avenue SW from 7th Street to 10th Street
Where can I go to learn more?
Residents who will be impacted by specific projects will be contacted directly, with information tailored to their neighborhood. This page will continue to be updated as projects are planned.
To follow the overall progress of the campaign, sign up to receive text or email updates from the City. We'll keep you updated through the CR City Source Newsletter or CR News Now text alerts. You can also connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.
Have Questions? Want to help us prioritize projects?
For project-specific questions or to leave feedback on which roads you'd like to see improved during the 10-year campaign, please email
Watch our progress grow!
Click below for an interactive map of upcoming projects!