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Year 4: Paving for Progress

Year 4: Paving for Progress

For Cedar Rapids (and most Midwest communities) the arrival of spring signals the arrival of road construction. As we open the fourth season of the 10-year Paving for Progress program, we are incredibly excited about the ongoing advancements we are making on roads throughout the entire community.

This year, we are coming to 30 neighborhoods and making a variety of pavement, utility, and sidewalk enhancements. While we perform a diverse range of projects ever year, this season will see us moving more intentionally into our residential neighborhoods. These streets were often low on the priority list in previous years when we did not have a funding source, and it’s rewarding to see these streets receive some much-needed attention.

In addition to our residential corridors, our team continues to look at ways to move the needle forward for our more heavily used arterial streets. West Post Road NW, C Avenue NE, Glass Road NE, Oakland Road NE, and 42nd Street NE come to mind when thinking about recent projects that improve some of our key connectors.

While construction continues to hum, behind the scenes our Engineering team is applying pavement data to our strategic plan, making sure that every single road is measured and that we are selecting roads that make the most overall impact. This master plan blends two primary needs: our desire to fully rehabilitate roads that have reached the end of their life, and our desire to keep our infrastructure from falling into the state of deterioration we are experiencing today.

While we are excited to see these much-needed improvements come to fruition, there is still much to accomplish. The local option sales tax has provided a critical funding source, but we realize our needs still outweigh our funds. As in previous years, we continue to apply Paving for Progress funds conservatively, to try and stretch every dollar as far as we can.

We want to thank this community for their patience, collaboration, and participation in this program. Our team has now met with hundreds of you over the course of the program and through our ongoing outreach. This community cares about the status of its infrastructure, and we have appreciated all the comments, suggestions, and questions we’ve received from the public.

Looking forward to a successful year!

Doug Wilson, P.E.
Paving for Progress Program Manager

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